The Purge: Anarchy

The sequel to ‘The Purge‘  gets  its second trailer.

In an America ravaged by crime, the government passed a period of 12 hours per year in which any criminal activity, including murder, is legal. The police can not be called and hospitals suspend aid. It is a night where citizenship is regulated without thought of punishment. The story brings new protagonists, and this time does not pass within a home.

The writer and director of the original, James DeMonaco, will also be responsible for the sequel. 25% of terror budget will be provided for tax incentives from the state of California.

Producer Brad Fuller was interviewed by CraveOnline and talked about the plot. “The sequel of ‘The Purge’ fulfills the promise of the original because we will not be in the house. Not a home invasion movie. You are on the streets with people purging and a group of people who are stuck in the middle, and need to get from point A to point B.”

The Purge: Anarchy‘, will be broadcast in the U.S. on June 20, 2014.

Frank Grillo (‘The Chase’), Zach Gilford and Kiele Sanchez starring. Ethan Hawke (“Brooklyn’s Finest”) and Lena Headey (‘Dredd’) do not return.

Need for Speed (2014) – Review


The Need for Speed ​​series is famous for stylish vehicles in races held in unusual locations, allowing the player to drive around in the middle of a hint of illegality. Yes, because clandestine disputes and police leaks are constant figures in games of the series. Given the overwhelming success of the Fast & Furious franchise, it seemed natural that a big-screen adaptation arise anytime. What was not expected was that the movie was so sloppy in such crucial issues.

The story and the setting of the main characters are not good. Everything revolves around Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad series, very apathetic), the good owner of a workshop practicing some illegal races in their free time. One day, he receives an invitation from a disaffected (Dominic West) to assist in the construction of a mythical car, aiming at a future sale. Needing the money, he stumbles. Service done, the two end up dueling in decisive splits… and a great partner of Tobey dies. Result: the hero goes to jail and two years later, resurfaces willing to participate in an illegal race. Of course, the villain of the story will also be in contention.

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The video game adaptation to film tells the story of the street racer, Tobey Marshall, seeking revenge after being betrayed by his ex-partner and was arrested.

The cast includes Dominic Cooper, Ramon Rodriguez, Michael Keaton and Aaron Paul, famous for his performance in Breaking Bad series. The director is Scott Waugh, the son of a Hollywood stuntman. In Theaters March 14th, 2014

Check out the Trailer below:

RoboCop (2014) – Review


For some reason , Hollywood became convinced that it is time to reshoot the features of Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven who helped give substance to the American action cinema in the 1980s and 1990s , such as Total Recall – whose remake came out in 2012 – and now RoboCop. It turns out that the films of Verhoeven, and personalist , always come with a built satire, which makes it potentially ridiculous trying to play them .

MGM took few years with the project, to see Elite Squad and decide that the Brazilian director José Padilha was right to update the RoboCop . The similarity is evident – Captain Nascimento of BOPE and his train headed to deal with the crime of machinelike way, with the efficiency of a robot, and dehumanized in the process – and in fact is not surprising that the 2014 split with RoboCop the first Elite Squad also some qualities and their defects.

The main similarity is the tendency to create an intricate panel views. This can be understood as both an advantage (the movie would gain in complexity to encompass various issues) and as a disability (the views are nullify each other and the film is without its own that goal perspective).

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Pompeii (2014) – Review


The beginning of Pompeii is not encouraging. A man emerges from somewhere and soon guesses that this is the villain because he lets a child die. Then another one appears, in slow motion, and you can know that this is the good guy, because it is strong, beautiful and takes care of helpless animals. Even comes a beautiful girl, who immediately looks at the strong gladiator, and both fall in love at first sight. She also says some catch phrase like “I can see the goodness in your heart.” These moments do not inspire confidence, but the film makes up for the lack of subtlety and little intelligence script with an impressive visual spectacle.

Pompeia - FotoDirector Paul W. S. Anderson seems to have so much fun with the camera and with the potential of this plot. Incidentally, that is the history of the Italian city and the volcano Vesuvius is mere backdrop for director massacring an entire population in less than two hours. The title could also be “A million ways to die in Pompeii“: Anderson creates deaths by sword, chains, asphyxia, lava volcano, tsunami, crushing, stonin… all with the pleasure of a child playing with dolls and dreams of the massive destruction of imaginary scenarios.

This sadistic show is shot with force: the director uses and abuses of air planes, images of buildings collapsing and cracking, and gets to put a camera in view of the fireballs spewed by the volcano. The various action scenes that follow each other without dead times in the script, are sewn by a rapid assembly and feature a generous amount of sound effects. In an exciting time fighting (the scene of the “massacre” of the gladiators), the direction of sound overlaps the noises of swords moans of the actors, the ovation from the crowd, the noise of the fire in the volcano, the noise of the blade penetrating the flesh combatants and an insistent percussion on the soundtrack. Everything is exaggerated, but done in a way to print an intense and effective pace.

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