“Alpha Dog” Movie Review

This is a movie that some will love and others will hate. Regardless the end is the same for everyone .. Even the most insensitive Fella will stay with remorse at the end. Everything begins with a group of friends, led by Johnny Truelove – a known drug trafficker. Earned a small fortune and lived a life of king, supported by her father who gave up any drugs. One day one of his friends, Jake Mazursky failure to collect a debt and the two engage in a fight. To avenge his brother Johnny kidnaps Zake 15 years, as collateral until Jake pay his debt. The “stolen-boy” disgusted with the over-attention of parents and joins between the world of Johnny’s friends, enjoying the festivities, the kids, drugs. The problems start when Johnny is advised to a lawyer and realizes that this game can cost him his life in prison. Based on a true story, this movie is not very innovative, but I think it can transmit as well as the days of “kidnapping” of Zake. Can have a dignified end, which marks the viewer as it should.

This post was written by Jeff H.

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