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If you are anything like me you are always on the lookout for some good deals and especially contests. I remember being 13/14 years old and having been a recent (don't laugh – you know at some point you had an account) aol user. I had signed up for some contest for the band Rush and then forgotten I had signed up. A few weeks later a package came in the mail that was a Rush cd. Though I had not been a Rush fan or even much acknowledged their existence before this quickly became my new favorite cd. I could not get over the fact that someone wanted to give me something for free. Too cool!

ampm is currently doing a giveaway where there is just Too Much Good Stuff. If you visit make sure you like their facebook page so you can keep up with the contest. The grand prize for the contest right now is a trip to Vegas, but personally I am more interested in the periodic contests where they give away ipads, nanos, touches or the macbook air! But if you are feeling lucky play the instant win game where you can spin the virtual slot machine and win instantly. ampm is giving away 15,000 bottles of Pepsi Max and 10,000 corn dogs in the instant win game. I just won a corn dog. Bry is going to be thrilled 🙂

How to Win:

  • Register on the Too Much Good Stuff page
  • Play Instant Win game by spinning the reels of the virtual slot machine (this instantly signs you up for the periodic drawings)
  • If all three reels match you are a winner

slot machine game

I have been to ampms before and was always impressed with their snacks and convenience of their stores. If you are passing through town and looking for a drink, the Thirst Oasis has up to 24 different flavors of fountain drinks, choice of crushed or cubed ice, and a fresh confiment bar. Check them out today!


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