Angelina Jolie said she is eager for the sequence (almost confirmed) of “Salt”, which opened the North American box office with $ 36 million. “I hope very much, everybody expected,” she said at the premiere of the film in London.

“I love action movies, I love to punch, jump and shoot. I’m lucky to have that job,” he says. Even with the excitement of the beautiful, the studio Sony Pictures still expects a better performance in the film’s international box office, according to the Los Angeles Times.

If the sequence of Salt has not been confirmed, the actress January Jones was hired by Fox to play the character Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class, a film that tells the origin of the mutant heroes and will be directed by Matthew Vaughn.

According to information from the site SuperheroHyem, the actress Morgan Lily, who made the daughter of John Cusack’s character in 2012, will be mystique in childhood. In adolescence, she will interpreted by Jennifer Lawrence.

The project of Salt 2 not started, but the debut of X-Men: First Class is scheduled for June 2011.

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