The executive of the 20th Century Fox confirmed to variety that agreed with filmmaker James Cameron make two sequels to the blockbuster film Avatar. Cameron will be responsible for writing and directing the following deliveries that would open in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

The negotiations are intended to start shooting late next year.

The film was released worldwide on December 18, 2009, became more than a month, the highest grossing film in movie history to exceed more than $ 1.8 million also obtained by Cameron Titanic.

In the mid-year was a revival of the movie in 7 minutes showcasing previously unseen. Today a post office has reached a collection of USD $ 2,776,022,742.

The film set in 2154, tells the story of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a former Marine of the U.S. military’s paraplegic who is sent to live among Na’Vi, a race of blue humanoid beings living in the exotic lunar planet of Pandora. When Sully Na’vi falls for a rebel against their human beings, ambitious of power, conquering spirit of seeking it is he who will save the lives of the species, plunged into a polluted planet.

This announcement has been made that Sony hopes to have Cameron as director of the new film about Cleopatra, are suspended for now.

This post was written by Jeff H.

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