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Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead original

Who likes horror movies knows that Evil Dead, the 1981 film director Sam Raimi (yes, that Spider-Man) is one of the highlights of the genre and one of the greatest B-movies of all time. And now, will get its remake, only with more resources. But it has been known for some time. The news now is that Bruce Campbell, star of the original, confirmed in a forum of fans who will be in the new version. Also, the script is ready, too. He wrote: “Let’s remake Evil Dead. The script is amazing. I’ll be one of the producers and will be in the movie,” he said.

Other than that up there, no longer know much about the remake. Sam Raimi to be the distributor via their company – Ghosthouse – and produce. The big question is when the same movie will come out, which nobody knows. Campbell spoke about this: “Honestly, we’d love to do another Evil Dead. When will it happen? Who can say? We are all elsewhere now. We’re not running away from questions of anyone, but that is not much to say now. The new version will detonate, you have my word. ”

Evil Dead shows Ash (played by Bruce Campbell) and a group of friends together for a weekend. They go to a cottage in the woods and there they discover the book of the dead. Obviously that evil spirits are awakened and then turns into a complete killing scenes completely amok. It is horror but with a tinge of black humor as well. Finally, a classic. The film also spawned two sequels calls of Darkness 2 (1987) and of Darkness 3 (1992), all with Bruce Campbell.

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