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Your business card is usually the first impression a potential customer has about your company. The message and design a business card will automatically determine if he will be sent straight to the trash, or if it will be inserted into a system of contacts from your client. Business card is, in its generic sense, a small card containing the contact details of persons or corporations.

Business card can be made of various materials and have different dimensions, but is usually done on coated paper in the format 90mm x 50mm.

A business card is often the most important marketing equipment that a company can have. He has the potential to make or break business, and is as important as how you present yourself at first. Give your business card is like entering a game. You can deliver a unique business cards personally or sending it with a letter. If the person receiving the card to save it or show it to other people, you win.

The Information entered into a business card is usually the name, job title, address, telephone number and e-mail, but nothing prevents information from being added or omitted. Your business cards can indeed make a difference in your sales and your relationship with the market.

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