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Pompeii (2014) – Review


The beginning of Pompeii is not encouraging. A man emerges from somewhere and soon guesses that this is the villain because he lets a child die. Then another one appears, in slow motion, and you can know that this is the good guy, because it is strong, beautiful and takes care of helpless animals. Even comes a beautiful girl, who immediately looks at the strong gladiator, and both fall in love at first sight. She also says some catch phrase like “I can see the goodness in your heart.” These moments do not inspire confidence, but the film makes up for the lack of subtlety and little intelligence script with an impressive visual spectacle.

Pompeia - FotoDirector Paul W. S. Anderson seems to have so much fun with the camera and with the potential of this plot. Incidentally, that is the history of the Italian city and the volcano Vesuvius is mere backdrop for director massacring an entire population in less than two hours. The title could also be “A million ways to die in Pompeii“: Anderson creates deaths by sword, chains, asphyxia, lava volcano, tsunami, crushing, stonin… all with the pleasure of a child playing with dolls and dreams of the massive destruction of imaginary scenarios.

This sadistic show is shot with force: the director uses and abuses of air planes, images of buildings collapsing and cracking, and gets to put a camera in view of the fireballs spewed by the volcano. The various action scenes that follow each other without dead times in the script, are sewn by a rapid assembly and feature a generous amount of sound effects. In an exciting time fighting (the scene of the “massacre” of the gladiators), the direction of sound overlaps the noises of swords moans of the actors, the ovation from the crowd, the noise of the fire in the volcano, the noise of the blade penetrating the flesh combatants and an insistent percussion on the soundtrack. Everything is exaggerated, but done in a way to print an intense and effective pace.

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The second part of a trilogy is always difficult to assess as the end of the day we are talking about a movie that has no beginning or end themselves. When the film starts, the story will have advanced and the characters are already in motion, and when it all ends on the usual “to be continued” , much remains to tell, which often gives out the patience of the most enthusiastic spectator. Trying to close their eyes to this unavoidable handicap, what can this mean The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is what keeps the spirit of adventure that characterized the light first chapter , although some holes below this opening chapter.

Peter Jackson is back to his favorite world and we note that it is a world where it continues to feel like you’re at home, because by this time the New Zealander director dominates the fantastic and the particular universe of Tolkien as if running the simplest of tasks. The ease with which Jackson makes this complex world fully functioning continues to amaze us greatly , since the adventure flows like water running in a stream and has many fantastic scenarios that continue to surprise everyone and everything , so real and wonderful that are. The viewer is transported to Middle Earth with tremendous ease, this is undeniable. And the various characters remain as authentic and interesting as always, so Jackson should be congratulated  However, some repetitions in the narrative shake a bit the quality of the film, as well as slightly too long sequences that break the pace of the adventure.

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The second film in Marvel’s Phase Two of releasing, is the follow to up 2011′s rousing and unexpectedly humorous, Thor. This new film keeps the humor intact but there’s something light and insubstantial about this movie. It almost floats away as you watch it, and it dissipates from memory just as quickly.

This time out Thor must engage in battle with an ancient enemy older than Earth, who is intent on enslaving all in the nine realms of the universe. While the first movie took place largely in a dusty remote town in New Mexico, the majority of this sequel is set in the mythical city of Asgard. This would seem to be the ideal opportunity for creative enhancement but for all it’s proclamations and noisy battle sequences there is little creativity onscreen. Chris Hemsworth is once again ideally cast as the mythical god of Thunder and Natalie Portman slums through her role with an almost bashful annoyance.
Jane Foster (Portman) is transported from present day London, where she still pines for Thor, to Asgard, putting her life in jeopardy and giving the movie a reason to exists. There is a lot of nonsense involving the aligning of planets and ports that link worlds. Jane’s very presence in Asgard threatens the existence of all Asgardians, due to an infection she carries, caused by the cursed Aether. Got all that?

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

The most beautiful movie that I have ever had the pleasure to see..

Comes to an end one of the longest and creative franchises in the world cinema. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 intend to open all avenues for that next year the series close with a golden key. The studios also promise the latest chapter in 3D (almost the first part was not), which should generate even greater attendance records. Incidentally, this Warner can not complain. Harry Potter has always been efficient in time to fatten their coffers. What had the lowest box office, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban grossed almost $ 800 million worldwide. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the latest release by then, reached nearly 1 billion. The two sides intent on beating this end all those numbers, and are well capable of achieving.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1The news of the day in the film industry, is undoubtedly, the 36 minutes that have been leaked on the internet for the latest sequel of Harry Potter, whose world premiere will be this Friday November 19th. Of course, Warner Bros was took action by announcing it is developing a rigorous research to identify the source of this leak and who also claimed: “This is a serious violation of copyright and theft of property of Warner Brothers . We are working to remove the copies that may be available.”

The first 36 minutes of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, would have been filtered, since last Monday, in a file download portal.

Although the situation reveals, once again, the serious problem of piracy, it is uncertain how much you could affect the box office this franchise, because we must remember that this movie is just the first part of the expected end of Harry Potter and his wizard friends.

Last year, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince released to limited areas in 2009, became one of the most pirated movies with more than 8 million illegal downloads, however, was the third sequel to the greatest collection of all franchise do at the box office figure of $ 933,959,197.