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Grown Ups 2 (2013) – Review

I have a hunch that if you didn’t enjoy the first Grown Ups, then you’ll find even less to like here. I’d been waning on the Sandler schmaltz in the years leading up to that film, but I thought all the elements came together for a breezy 90 minutes of infantile humor with The Expendables of comedy. Grown Ups 2 offers more of the same, sometimes too much. A few bits are directly recycled form the original, but the camaraderie and overall up-beat tone make for an enjoyable trip back to the well.

Lenny (Adam Sandler) and his insanely disproportionately attractive wife Roxanne (Salma Hayek), something the film itself pokes fun at, are now living a seemingly ideal life in Lenny’s hometown. It is the last day of the school year for his kids and the on-coming summer is sure to be filled with a calendar of events. While the earlier film took place over the course of a week, this installment transpires during one-long day/night. Aided and essentially egged on by his buddies Eric (Kevin James) and Kurt (Chris Rock), both family men dealing with domestic issues. Eric is lying to his wife about the time he spends at his mother’s house and Kurt is dealing with his daughter’s first dating experiences. Then there is the rascal wanna-be Lothario Marcus (David Spade), who has recently discovered the existence of a teenage son with a bad attitude. None of the material is trailblazing, but I don’t think audiences come to Adam Sandler comedies looking for a spark of originality or character development.

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“Jackass 3D” Movie Review

Jackass 3D (2010) Movie Review (IMDB – 7.5)

The cult show of the previous decade, “Jackass” comes in 3D to water the spectator of all fluids imaginable. Lovers will be thrilled, others seek to understand this phenomenon.

The popularity of the three dimension is such that he could be out almost all the movies using this technology. Meanwhile “Star Wars” and “Titanic” instead of “Jackass.” Everyone thought the series dead and buried for the episode 2 in 2006 (or 2.5 in 2007). But as the fashion glasses, the excuse is fine to propose a new episode.

The time has flown under the bridge, it should remind Johnny Knoxville and his friends seem strange that live in the past. As if they were given a challenge to get the most possible harm or ridicule the most wickedly their peers. And they do it in different ways, including by sending balls or golf balls to the face, action sports and having accidents all means of transport they can touch.

Sometimes better is not worth trying to understand what makes a series or a feature film a success. Why can a room laugh out loud or crying like a Magdalen. Without doubt there is an audience for everything and there will always be people trying to push boundaries. It is the nature of things. Provided, however, there is a change (up or down), not stagnation.

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The parents who want to bring their children to the movies in time for Christmas have much choice: “Tron: Legacy,” “Tangled” or the latest episodes of “Harry Potter” and “Narnia.” So why will they want to waste their time with the jokes rarely comic Jack Black in “Gulliver’s Travels“?

There is nothing sacred. Released in the 18th century, the classic “Gulliver’s Travels” by Irish writer Jonathan Swift was a social satire and political society, transposing with verve and intelligence fear belongs to the world and the need to define himself before the daily absurdities. Distorted through time and simplified for children, the story has lost some of its magic, being periodically transposed – in film, television, cartoons – with mixed success. Memory, hard to find an adaptation that has also failed here Rob Letterman, the director of yet sympathetic “Monsters vs. Aliens” and “Shark Tale”.

The story picks up the first two Gulliver’s Travels: one in which he finds himself the God of the Lilliputians who are continually at war, and when instead he must survive on an island inhabited by a giant. Far from home, the hero (Jack Black) who felt so different about him that he is the only hold the key to happiness…

Periodically, the masterpieces of literature are there to return film in different forms. This has just helped get Tim Burton immeasurable success with his rereading a bit bland but spectacular of “Alice in Wonderland.” It’s probably on this model has been revamped this project to the 1000 possibilities. That’s where the shoe pinches most. Not content to hold gold in the hands, the two writers developed a story populated with uninteresting characters and annoying situations where the gags more “imaginative” prove that in which Gulliver urine to stop a fire…

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Due Date (2010) Review

Due Date

Most likely, those who hear the name of Zach Galifianakis until last year was going to ask: “Zach what? Who’s that? “. And it could be different, after all, even with a filmography somewhat bulky, lacked an American comedian who hit the submit to the general public. For this turn in his career came with the hilarious Hangover (2009) , one of the best comedies to hit theaters in recent years, with charismatic characters, scenes really able to spark laughter and break, the revelation Galifianakis’s talent. Since then, the actor became regulars on the comedy shows and has amended a number of projects for the cinema.

The first post-movie stardom Galifianakis is Due Date (2010), comedy that marks the meeting of the new star in Todd Phillips, the director of Hangover. If this new partnership could generate double expectations, they increased exponentially with the presence of Robert Downey Jr., an actor more interesting in the role of costar. Unfortunately, A Journey of Birth is only the promise. Even with all this talent involved, it is an uneven comedy and only sporadically funny, in which history does not work on your goals and narrative jokes seem like warmed-over from other productions.

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Tamara Drewe (2010)

A young journalist returns to his hometown in the English countryside, where they will sell the house where he grew up. Retouched her nose, her endless legs, her work on the gossip press, their aspirations to fame and his ability to break hearts, Tamara Drewe is the Amazon twentieth century London. His return to the village where his mother lived for the disorder is a small community that lived in peace until then. Men and women, bohemians and country folk, a best-selling author, a frustrated university, a rock star or a boy removed from the region… all will be attracted by Tamara, whose beauty and ramblings incendiary dark passions and awaken love cause a chain of circumstances as absurd as poignant.

Tamara Drewe – Official Trailer [HD]