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Warm Bodies (2013) – Movie Review

Warm BodiesWith plans to make the dead brain eaters what “Twilight Saga” did for vampires, “Warm Bodies” hits theaters aside from the terror and political criticism, typical of the works of George A. Romero, for a sweet romance full of adolescent crises. Fans of zombies have anything to be angry with this apocalyptic version of “Romeo and Juliet, but the younger, at the height of their anguish and discoveries will have plenty to identify with.

In the wake of the “The Walking Dead” series and based on the novel “Bloodfire”, of Isaac Marion, the film takes place eight years after the zombie apocalypse. Nicholas Hoult is R, a zombie who does not even remember his own name and, during a visit to the city to find food (people), kills the boyfriend of Julie (Teresa Palmer), whom he falls in love instantly. He then takes her to the airport where he lives with a horde of undead. There, in his airplane decorated with objects collected over the years, the two get to know better.

It is clear that in the beginning the girl is afraid of R and attempts to flee, but in time he believes still has a shred of humanity. Together they explore the collection of vinyl records of “boy”. Songs like Hungry Heart, of Bruce Springsteen, Rock You Like a Hurricane, of Scorpions and Shelter From the Storm, of Bob Dylan, pack teenagers and nostalgic tone to give great soundtrack.

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The last and awaited film of the Twilight Saga hits screens bringing two big surprises for her audience. The first is a pitched battle leaving the viewer with their fingers firmly on the arm of the chair: the Cullens and company face the powerful Volturi clan in a fierce clash that leaves many casualties along the way. No condescension and, even though the public aware that good will prevail, there will be no suffering and loss.

Shortly after the tension and drama of that moment, which made me believe that the franchise had come to a close honest and courageous, respecting the intelligence of his audience, comes the second surprise. This is kind of a cold water bath in a stream of cold Forks. Something I can not detail here not to spoil the surprise of the spectator in front of novelty, even though this is far from welcome. What I can say is that this lack of narrative daring only ratifies the Twilight series as one of the faces of all time.

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 starts exactly where the last film ended. After nearly losing his life in giving birth to Renesmee, Bella is finally transformed into a vampire. The beginning of the film is devoted to entertain fans showing the love of Edward having to deal with their newly acquired powers. Leftover up to Jacob, who takes a beating from the vampire mom for having imprinted by his daughter – a sort of love at first sight without sexual connotation that makes the werewolf devote himself to protect his target.

The conflict occurs when the Volturi think Bella and Edward are the parents of a child immortal, which is considered a serious crime between vampirada. They know that, in fact, was conceived Renesmee when Bella is still human, so is half mortal, half immortal. When the Cullens discover that the Volturi are going to punish them for the crime, gather resolve – among his friends and family – witnesses to convince the Italian clan that is wrong. The problem is that Aro, the leader of the Volturi, seems more interested in increasing the power of his family than be fair. This brings us to the aforementioned good surprise.

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What Dreams May Come (1998)

The movie “What Dreams May Come” is a beautiful novel that was based on the book before becoming film. It won the Oscar in 1999, and the cast is fantastic, making the film even more exciting than it already was. The actors who participated in the cast are Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding Junior, Max von Sydow, Annabella Sciorra, Jessica Brooks Grant, Josh Paddock, Rosalind Chao, among others, but these are the principal actors that made this movie so special and better quality to the public, since the set of players heavily influences the choice of watching the film, so the director wanted to do everything according to the merit of the book that also became a hit among readers.

The story of a family, being a couple and two children (the oldest boy and girl). A perfect family according to the concepts we have about that word, they were very happy and had a very successful life and may have all the best. But in a typical day, the couple’s children suffer a car accident and died immediately, a tragedy that caused a terrible pain in the feelings of parents, the husband who was a little more focused with their own emotions did everything to keep life, but the children’s mother could not control the feeling I had inside her and it was becoming increasingly depressed. So with the love of her husband she will recover gradually, but on another day her husband also died in another accident. Now with all his family missing, the lone woman can not resist the sorrow and enter into a serious depression, changed the look, no longer worked, and that pain was increasing with each passing day. Meanwhile, her husband tries to get used to new life in spirit form and go his way, he discovers many different things of life on earth, knows many people and is accompanied by his friend that shows you several things that other life.

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Vicky Cristina BarcelonaIMDB

Director: Woody Allen.
Cast: Scarlett Johannson, Rebecca Hall, Chris Messina, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz.

Among the highs and lows of a decade marked by the transformation that in his cinematic style, the hybridity between visual arts, photography and cultural divide between Europe and the United States is the body that will present us with Woody Allen Vicky Cristina Barcelona, a film of the expressions that, like the two that preceded it (Match Point and Scoop), raises even more insight to this author does not act in his films and, moreover, will help you accomplish your new language.

The work deals with themes that the director had visited almost all his conceptions, the sovereignty of a woman over a man, which may also possibly see that this is a personal stigma that this will take care of bringing up end of his days. Its philosophical premise, this film also permeates the artistic inspiration that drives vivacity, the overlap between one person and another, in addition to sophisticated hedonism ruled by good wines and beautiful scenery, possible only in the summer holidays of the extraordinary European cities.

The interface of the situations occurs when Allen also expresses a kind of obsession to address the psychological and temperamental fluctuation of Man (sapien), breaking in this case in particular, with its characteristic superficialize drama and comedy – action indirectly between a junk movie and one of his own. However, in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, which has as protagonists the two friends, Vicky (Scarlett Johannson) and Cristina (Rebecca Hall), the narrative involves us in the dichotomy between the ideals of two young and beautiful characters in spite of love, behavior and values .

Vicky is the rich girl and well behaved, that the Catalan culture in depth research for his masters degree and is engaged to a rich man Doug (Chris Messina), a member of upscale New Yorkers. However, it is also hostage to absolute values that do not know the true essence of your feelings. Cristina, in turn, though he traveled provided frustration for his failure to devise a short film and ironically insignificant character consisted in the love that makes us libertarians, is more open to new experiences and reinvents itself in the journey to the beautiful Spanish town, dipping into his new passion: the photographic experiment.

To further spice size antagonism between the philosophy of life of two beautiful young American, one night, both known simultaneously in a vernissage, the Spanish painter Juan Antonio (Javier Bardem), which is good host, a brash and bohemian gallant, even though it was still recovering from the recent and disastrous split with his wife Maria Elena (Penelope Cruz), wonderfully beautiful woman, talented, and even more seductive than her husband, about to violently put down a knife into his body and not to withdraw develop the same passion for it which aroused great curiosity to Christina to meet her in your total privacy.

Among seductions, achievements and disappointments unfolds a hilarious plot cleverly fitted with great refinement and great images (mostly photographs produced in the film), and engaging performances that evoke complex thoughts on leaving the cinema. With the example we question ourselves if we set the values as essential for a marriage is really important to achieve happiness, or if we were so minded to external interference, imposed in short by the “rules” of society in which we operate, the not seeing our point of predictability.

With over a large choice of this extraordinary director, happy in their provocations and partnership with a great cast, which is perfectly fine its fantastic restlessness, I give my Cinematheque more a work of art that will endure for generations to come and will constitute a great classic.

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Slumdog MillionaireIMDB

Director: Danny Boyle.
Cast: Dev Patel, Anil Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla, Freida Pinto.

Until a few months ago, Indian cinema was summed up by the West in three keywords: Bollywood, M. Night Shyamalan and Mira Nair. That is until Danny Boyle get bored of their fuzzy little land and take your camera responsive to India, where he went on to shoot a film. Uncompromising director, embraced a trivial project: adapting to the screen the best-selling Indian “Q & A” by Vikas Swarup – baptized thereafter Slumdog Millionaire (and here Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?). Detail: he had to do it with a modest budget – just over $ 15 million – and counting with a cast made up of local actors. That is, a co-production far from being ambitious …

Finished filming, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? was for editing and silently arrived at U.S. movie theaters in late August. After six months of the official release, the question is inevitable: as a film made in India with Indian actors and directed by a filmmaker as unconventional Boyle earned about $ 80 million, laid out in major film festivals including winning the Oscar for Best Picture? But the success of “Millionaire pooch” is due for many reasons.

The main one: Danny Boyle. If before the British could be labeled as “the guy who directed Trainspotting and achieved commercial success with Extermination” Now the picture changes. One of its merits on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? was to adapt a fairy tale city, combining the thrilling pyrotechnics of the previous work with the Bollywood aesthetic. In smaller words, he manages to tell a simple story in a surprising way.

The film begins with a question: “Jamal Malik is a question of winning 20 million rupees. How did he? “A new sign posts the alternatives. Is Jamal (Dev Patel) cheated the game of questions and answers? Is it luck? He is a genius? Or … hmmm .. is written? With a simple narrative feature, Boyle weapon that will trigger the bomb there at the end of the movie. But until then, the viewer will glaze.

In the next scene, we find that boy Jamal is a poor and uneducated, just 18 years. His good performance in the game sounds incoherent to the presenter of the program that asks the police for torturing him to confess to fraud. At the station, the officer hears the unusual trajectory of the boy who despite their youth endured poverty, prejudice and crime.

Of Muslim origin, Jamal grew aimlessly alongside his brother Salim, attracted organized crime, and Latika (Freida Pinto, pretty picture), the great love of his life. Went to meet her again that he signed up for “show the million Indian.” And the struggle to survive the knowledge that allowed him to settle the questions.

Between flashbacks and the current time that they shake the life of Jamal, Boyle’s camera records a story where the decadent and plagued capital Bombay gives rise to social development and prosperity of technology. In childhood, the protagonist is seen running through a slum alleys, shacks and animals. One scene in particular draws attention: the camera abandons Jamal and started to follow a chicken in motion. If Boyle refused to honor the opening Fernando Meirelles of City of God, he unconsciously emulated the scene. One of two things.

In adult life the boy see the revival of Bombay, which is now called Mumbai. Dotted with skyscrapers, the city that is enriched with computer captured with omnipotence by the director. And it is the top of a building under construction that finds Jamal Salim, then right arm of the most feared drug dealer in the region. It is with the help of the bastard brother that he can access their most valuable prize.

All these elements – love, corruption, violence and instinct – are harmonized in a melodramatic and predictable outcome. A melodrama with gaping air of fable, in the style of Bollywood. Alie, so this unpretentious with social criticism and the pace of electronic Boyle and have one of the most original movies of the year. In this scenario, the adapted screenplay by Simon Beaufoy acts as a catalyst in order to balance the excesses of the plot. The final dance rhythm is a tacit tribute to the director of Indian cinema.

In a career marked by good times – the great Traisnpotting and Shallow Grave – and others less so – the poor and middle Sunshine Beach – Danny Boyle outside the country, his master stroke. With Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? the director finally arrived at its height. How did he?

A: He cheated
B. He is lucky
C. He is GOOD
D: It is written

Easy answer!

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