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When we talk about theater, film, music, television, in short, any kind of art, then we talk about a lot of investments and success, but ultimately, what are the actors who resort to more such facilities? Where when we evaluate the work of an artist, we can not simply evaluate his work, where we also highlight its management team and above all his charisma and success with the public, thereby making it as always a very important factor for their salary.

After all, when we have an artist beloved by his audience, then it becomes much easier to sell any product or disclosure of a movie, for example,  then the question arises, what is the artist who receives more such recognitions? By the way, what are these artists? Where it is very difficult to assert that one is more or less rich than the other, each tune has its own economies, and each lives in his own country, with its laws and taxes, thus differing much from each other.

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I will show some logos of the most famous film studios of Hollywood and how they were created. Images that when we are short at the cinema or at home watching TV and they appear always have some kind of association and most times deep in thought, well let me at least watch the beginning of the movie because it must be good.

Have fun with: “The History of the logos of big companies…Hollywood Studios.”

The first movies had only one card with the name of the producer, its logo and sometimes a sentence about the copyright. With the emergence of independent producers, by 1909, the opening credits have evolved, going to also appear the names of actors and, later, directors, cinematographers, screenwriters, and others. By this time, get in the habit of separating the logo of the producer of other claims, that gaining a proper space at the beginning of each movie.

It is also around this time, the first logos appearing on the move, unlike other designs that were. Those were more complicated to produce and had to be recreated for each film produced, which became very expensive (at the beginning of the twentieth century, each studio produced, on average, about 100 films per year). To solve the problem, the logo design tips was shot once, copied and placed at the beginning of the first reel of each film. A practice that continues to this day. With the advent of sound movies, studios and sound added fanfares to their logos, as was the case of 20th Century-Fox and RKO Radio Pictures.

Know then, the stories of the logos of the most charismatic Hollywood studios.

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