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This post brought to you by anagrammer. All opinions are 100% mine. is a powerful word research resource that is used by millions of users every month. Over the last 10 years they have built intelligent word game tools. While most of their users are "word geeks" who are fine-tuning their skills, memorizing obscure words and dictionary definitions, they also have millions of users who simply need to use our site for a "quick cheat". Often when a player is stuck or needs to counter a potential cheating opponent, in order to get an upper hand the player will be able to use Anagrammer Scrabble or Words With Friends helper tool to serve a game-ending blow to their opponent by "dropping a bomb on the board", which is what we call the act of playing monstrous Scrabble score which guarantees a Bonus score. Their goal is to provide fast and useful tools for every type of user and for every word game. For a full list of tools, refer to the site

They have a beautiful customizable widget that can be placed on any website or blog. This widget is a user magnet when you install it on your website/blog. Our research shows that when we install this widget on say, a wordpress blog, the visitors to the blog spend, on average, extra 8 minutes on the page. As visitors interact with our widget, it decreases the bounce rate of the visit, helping the blog/website owner to rank higher in search engines. Anything a webmaster can do to increase the time his visitors will spend on his/her site is HUGELY valuable. One can know more about this widget and get code to install this widget at Widget Code & Live Demo

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This post brought to you by Disney Movie Club. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have two children and they love the Disney movies, like Toy Story 3, The Princess and the Frog, and Finding Nemo. Of course, I also love and sometimes I watch with them. Today I found a great promo in the Disney Movie Club website! If you like Disney movies you can’t lose it! You can get 4 Disney movies for $1.00 plus Free Shipping on initial order with membership! Just go to and choose your movies.

The Disney Movie Club is a good place to find and order movies for the kids and for us adults who are still enthralled with the Disney magic. You need to become a member first before you can avail of their services and promos. Membership is free, and it only takes a couple of minutes to make your account at the Disney Movie Club. They already have millions of members between United States and Canada alone, and still growing.

Their offer of 4 DVDS for only $1 is still available to all the members of the Disney Movie Club. All you need to first is to buy 5 movies at regular prices in the next 24 months. When you’ve agreed to this arrangement, then you get 4 Disney movies of your choice and only pay a dollar for them, with shipping and processing free! Enjoy!

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Happy Feet 2When Happy Feet – The Penguin (2006) came they were all amazed with these cute creatures, the musical sequences, the tap dancing for Mumble (voiced by Elijah Wood) and the story that talked about accepting and being accepted for who you are, and a ecological message. Animation directed by George Miller raised nearly $ 400 million at box offices around the world and still grabbed the Oscar for best animated feature film that year, beating Cars and Monster House. The natural consequence of all this would be a continuation. And here we are, five years later, seeing Happy Feet 2 (2011).

In the second film, after the death of (Brittany Murphy) has a small sapling, Erik (Ava Acres), as insecure as was his father. The high level of cuteness of the new character, present throughout the film’s release, once again can fool unsuspecting parents who take their children imagining an innocent and cute design. Happy Feet 2 has action scenes quite realistic characters who screamed loudly and other noises of avalanches and earthquakes that can strike fear in young children. And the bigger problem is that these sequences do not serve to make the story move forward.

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This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

The modern world is dominated by some important things like economy, health and quality of life.

All these components of our life can be measure and as long as the longevity is growing the concerns with health and quality of life are getting bigger. Longer life sometimes has implications with the home finances and economy, the tendencies for people who live long is to have health problems and spend a great part of the home budget in medicines and treatments .

One way of control the household budget on medicines is to belong to a Prescription Savings Club.

Being part of a Club such Walgreens Prescription Savings Club the right way to be sure that you have access to discount prices to your prescriptions. For an annual fee of $10 you can have a family membership who includes everyone at the household that is part of your immediate family, including spouse, dependents and event pets. If you live alone you can be part of this club for only $5 per annum.

So, the benefits are, to have discount prices on your prescriptions, save on more than 8.000 brand names and generic medicines, and at this time, cold winter, you have access to discounts on flu shots.

For me one of the most important benefits is the discount on pet’s prescriptions.

But there are other great benefits as the bonus received by buying Walgreens brand products and other photo finishing products.

Don’t forget to follow Walgreens on Twitter and Walgreens on Facebook to have all the information in real time.

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