The class meets Jackass really what it promises. In the first trailer for “Jackass” 3D, you can get an idea of who’s coming and that Johnny Knoxville and his gang really make it “take stupidity to a new dimension.” And in 3D.

In advance there is a Santa Claus drunk being dropped from a tree very peculiar manner, a thrashing fish in the face in slow motion and a practice of shooting a duck / human projected on a lake.

Directed by Jeff Tremaine and produced by Spike Jonze, “Jackass 3D” was presented first-hand at Comic-Con and debut in U.S. theaters on October 15. This is the third film Jackass, “Jackass The Movie” was released in 2002 and “Jackass Number 2” in 2006.

This post was written by Jeff H.

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