Interesting avenues of terror and gore comedy that Cold Storage, Tony Elwood, proposes. It is the story of Melissa Adams, who after being involved in a serious car accident that cost him his life, is rescued by Clive Mers, a mountain hermit. Clive (exemplary performance by Nick Searcy) decides to take care of the body feeding it and taking out the city – while in his dementia thinks it is another woman. The sister and former boyfriend of Melissa depart for the small rural town, where weirdness is something common to all. The search takes them to the cottage of Clive, where the animal will pick up.

The film manages to maintain tension in the viewer into the scene and the next, making people laugh. Hitchcock’s influence – especially in “Psycho” – is clear, but the narrative of Tony Elwood has its own name, not a mere pastiche. Tony was also smart enough not to bog down your movie with sex scenes, which is done by most of his co-gender, and that ends, often shifting the focus of the film – sales tactic, of course. Although the first sequence (prologue) proves absolutely unnecessary, Cold Storage Camden meets just by giving new life to a film that sometimes seems to choke.

Cold Storage (2006) – Horror / Thriller – USA – 97 min.

Movie Fantaspoa seen in 2010 – International Fantastic Film Festival of Porto Alegre. (Porto Alegre, Brazil).

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