Costa Rica

With economic stability and high levels of human development, the american central country is going from strength to strength. The abundant rain that falls in the region makes the nation rich in rivers, but surprisingly low in lakes. The country has a tradition of preserving the environment and national parks are the strongest in the region. Currently account for 11% of Costa Rican land area. The tree, which is an option of ecotourism in many parts of the world, got its start there.

In the Costa Rica resort place tourists find various types of accommodations, from hotels, inns, hostels and campsites. Costa Rica has two well-defined equatorial climates, coastal and equatorial altitude inside. The first is characterized by hot and humid temperatures between 25 C and 31 ° C, up to 1,000 m above sea level. The second, for temperate and pleasant, between 15 º C to 25 ° C, 1,000 to 2,000 m sea level, or rainy and cold, between 5 º C and 15 ° C above 2000 meters.

Who is born in Costa Rica are Costa Rican. The country can be crossed in three hours by car or 45 minutes by plane. The currency of the country is Costa Rican colon and the states are the provinces which are in all seven sub-divided into cantons. The economy of Costa Rica, based on exports of bananas and coffee, found a good way in tourism income.

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