“Devil” Movie Review

IMDB 6.6/10

The Scary Movie halfway between “Scream” and “Saw,” “Devil” is an substitute film by M. Night Shyamalan. More satisfying than foreshadowed the awful trailer, but not very successful so far. For fans of the genre only.

Five people are trapped in an elevator with the devil is one to one who rob their souls. What not to finish in Paris blocks and stay alive until help arrives?

You have to have the continuity of ideas. Even if his career is in freefall, filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan focuses on the future. That’s why he decided to create “The Night Chronicles, a series of feature films where the fear is in the spotlight. Too busy working on “The Last Airbender,” which became a dismal failure last summer, he told the first volume in director John E. Dowdle, who had done a respectable job in creating “Quarantine, the remake of” REC “.

Although the creator of “The Sixth Sense” acts solely as a producer while having collaborated with the basic idea, its leg is everywhere. The action takes place at the same location as its own tests (Philadelphia), the film focuses on the characters and not the horror as such, there is a final revelation that may surprise and music by Fernando Velazquez’s monkey When his favorite composer James Newton Howard and his good friend Hans Zimmer (especially his recent participation in the dazzling “Inception”).

In the tradition of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” “Devil” offers suspense linear, not lack of intelligence, but who would have earned a little more sustained growth and a better conclusion. Everyone begins to suspect (in the way of “Scream”), the people gathered are all guilty of something (as in “Saw”) and there is a somewhat omniscient policeman who works behind the scenes to make light on this whole affair. Beginning at an old idea still effective there is nothing more frightening than the dark, screenwriter Brian Nelson had fun creating a scenario that increases the false tracks without properly develop his characters.

They remain in the elevator, hurling insults and trembling with fear, facing a real threat or not. The economy of means (everything happens when the lights are closed, so no need to imagine special effects to create a monster) makes it an effective narrative, however, that turns around in circles over the lack of issues . Like the hero of “Cube”, the actors are not all together credible, which is always a bit disappointing to see an unequal confrontation between good and bad actors. Some names fall happily into the first category, including Chris Messina cop determined, Logan Marshall-Green as a man of few words and Caroline Dhavernas that appears in a very minor role.

After its 80 minutes, “Devil” remains the imitation of a good movie. As if a clone was fun to reinterpret the style of M. Night Shyamalan, who is already on autopilot since “Signs.” The result is an intriguing product as well, but ultimately a bit of any kind, designed more for television and cinema.

This post was written by Jeff H.

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