Due Date (2010) Review

Due Date

Most likely, those who hear the name of Zach Galifianakis until last year was going to ask: “Zach what? Who’s that? “. And it could be different, after all, even with a filmography somewhat bulky, lacked an American comedian who hit the submit to the general public. For this turn in his career came with the hilarious Hangover (2009) , one of the best comedies to hit theaters in recent years, with charismatic characters, scenes really able to spark laughter and break, the revelation Galifianakis’s talent. Since then, the actor became regulars on the comedy shows and has amended a number of projects for the cinema.

The first post-movie stardom Galifianakis is Due Date (2010), comedy that marks the meeting of the new star in Todd Phillips, the director of Hangover. If this new partnership could generate double expectations, they increased exponentially with the presence of Robert Downey Jr., an actor more interesting in the role of costar. Unfortunately, A Journey of Birth is only the promise. Even with all this talent involved, it is an uneven comedy and only sporadically funny, in which history does not work on your goals and narrative jokes seem like warmed-over from other productions.

The very premise of the film had already suffers from the lack of originality, since it refers directly to the fun work of John Hughes, Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987). In this production, an executive played by Steve Martin had to endure a long ride alongside John Candy inconvenience. More like what you see here impossible. If the starting point of production already demonstrates creative laziness, it is difficult to expect something different script. Credited with no fewer than four people, the text ranges from really good jokes (even though it is the impression that much of it is the result of improvisation of the actors) and other embarrassing and free.

Thus, the viewer is taken to accompany moments of pure hilarity, like the scene involving coffee or a certain habit of one of the characters before going to sleep, but we also present a moment worthy of a bad movie produced directly for TV, as the improbable rescue in Mexico and tedious fight with a cripple. Scenes like the latter are present in larger numbers than expected for a film with so much talent involved – these are situations in which the artificiality of the supposed jokes prejudice free, since everything is more fun when events seem natural, not forced .

Likewise, the script tries to make the viewer believe in an emotional connection between characters that does not exist. The relationship between Peter and Ethan follows the path expected by the Hollywood rules – what is hate at first turns out to be friends – but there is a satisfactory development for behavioral change, making it difficult to connect the viewer with the characters. At one point the plot, for example, they say they love each other, but it is a revelation so disconnected with what had been built up to the moment that only the audience is left questioning whether the writers really believe it is an emotional scene.

However, problems in relation to character development does not stop there. It’s hard to get interested in their journey when Peter Highman Downey Jr. sounds just like a selfish jerk and pampered. If, in specific situations, the actor manages to distill the compelling irony in what has become an expert (Tony Stark, anyone?), Your character is the kind of person with whom nobody wants to live and that on the screen, it is just annoying. To make matters worse, her partner is also unable to better results, since Ethan Tremblay seems a mere reprint of the character of Zach Galifianakis on If Hangover. Moreover, the actor exaggerates in free mannerisms that sound just like the way affected walking.

If the actors are not at their best, Todd Phillips is not so far away. The filmmaker has proven capable of orchestrating funny scenes – not only in production over the four friends from a hangover, but also fun in Old School (2003) but this time his hand tuned for the comedic timing seems irregular sometimes hitting the mark and other stretching out in scenes with nothing to offer. A Journey of Birth, also oscillates between moments in which seems to have the courage to surprise and address the politically incorrect (when Peter has a slightly exaggerated reaction to a child, for example) and others in embracing the plasticized and artificial life forever portrayed in American movies (like the end where everything is roses and clear plastic pipe).

Thus, a party of Travel never gets to be a bad movie, but turns out to be an exercise that seems unfinished, which is probably a little more effort could produce a better result. Yes, you can find a few laughs along the projection and the cast sometimes saves scenes that could just be embarrassing. However, considering the pedigree of those involved, one would expect something better.

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