Beautiful, what happens to vampires today? The question has a double address: Bella, the heroine of the phenomenon “Twilight,” and Bela Lugosi, who gave life to the immortal “Dracula,” Bram Stoker’s classic film version of 1931. Since then, much has changed in the endless life of buck teeth.

What about a vampire who does not drink human blood, only accepts sex after marriage and, especially, do not know how to kiss right? Since Bela Lugosi is dead and the young Bella’s been very busy lately, we decided to ask our teenagers.

Last Saturday (19), the report answers hunted Pompeii Space Unibanco, one of the rooms where 1100 is playing “Dawn”, the first part of the final “Twilight”. For those not familiar, we can summarize: it’s a love triangle between Bella, a mortal displaced; Edward, a romantic vampire, and Jacob, a werewolf good blood Indian.

The pair of actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on the scene of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1”

In the queue, the question that throbs: Jacob or Edward? For the student Quiqueto Aline Vieira, 16, Jacob was the favorite until I read the last book. The romanticism of Edward, who is keen to keep Bella’s virginity until marriage, won. Aline also think that it is legal to marry a virgin. Waiting for the session, teens come to the verdict: Jacob is the best, at least in the boys’ vote. “Edward is gay, he sees Bella kissing Jacob and like,” shoot Victor Cruz, 16. Another argument: “Who can stand to stay in school one hundred years ?!?”.

The session 19h flows smoothly from the public, although unanimity among fans interviewed that “Breaking Dawn” is the best film in the series and the most faithful to the book.

And forgive me Bella and Edward, but the hottest moment happened off screen. In the first row, a couple of teenagers ate a dent that lasted throughout the time of the signs. How would the poet Paulo Arruda: I miss those long kisses!

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