It’s a rare film work together to achieve competence with conflicting feelings undeniable, sad without ever addressing issues seem to take real advantage and, above all, show joy and sadness, beauty and poverty merged without losing sight of the essence that is worth a pained smile, a tear of the unwanted.

A film that sees the beauty in anything, sees hope in human decadence, shows characters with values ​​hard, but learning to see them, to challenge the tradition in the name of happiness, to seek the essence of human beings and find people who can completing each other in the midst of a world constantly placed in conflict, are armed, ideas, or spirit, towards a greater good: the harmony of the same. With a unique simplicity, with the perfect touch of humor and a contagious vibe, Fiddler on the Roof is serious messages, blunt, without losing the beauty of its narrative and its lines. The conclusion comes early: a masterpiece.

The opening minutes are already clean. The presentation theme and humble Jewish community, with its traditions and customs, is brilliantly constructed. There are 10 minutes in the script that familiarizes us with the characters we know, shows the unique humor of a humble family man, exposes cultural characteristics of the people portrayed and historically contextualizes the viewer. Minutes indisputable. The first universal message is brought about by long values. Not only with Cubs rooftop,  regard to the cultural tradition and the season, but the values ​​of human beings, people who are in the midst of so much poverty can overflow happiness. And they are executed, since the start time of the film 180 minutes long, the beautiful and unforgettable songs “Matchmaker,” in which the three eldest daughters of Tevye (Topol) dream of the men in their lives, and “If I Were The Rich Man, “when the very head of the family wanders into thoughts of how his life would be if it were more fortunate.

Gradually, the whole tradition of Jewish culture and family begin to suffer minor adjustments with the arrival of new ways of thinking and new people to the village. The traditional conservatism is gradually revised by the ideas of women’s rights, including women’s education and free enterprise for the choice of husband. Precisely, the clashes between Tevye and his daughters options generate some of the most subtly funny Fiddler on the Roof. And following verbatim some of the chronological order of the film, when Tevye seals the marriage of his eldest, director Norman Jewison offers the audience with the beautiful choreography of the bar scene.

But not everything can be commemorating the life of someone as humble as Tevye. And the happy moments are soon interrupted by news or sad events. At the same time, these are facts that lead men to make their private confidences with God, moments also dealt with an incredible sense of humor. “I know that we are the chosen people, but every once in a while you could not choose anyone else?” Tevye murmurs with the heavens. And when all seems lost, his sky blue eyes looking the same way as always, but his mouth can not utter a word. In a scene where all the lines would be unnecessary, it took the look of a man disappointed with their own beliefs for all to be said.

And gradually, Fiddler on the Roof follows the natural course of history of his time: the Second World War and its consequences on Russian soil. However, the optical Jewison on the subject differentiates his many other film about the suffering of the Jewish people. Not explore the terrible events of interest to the director and writer Joseph Stein, who adapted the plot of the book written by Sholom Aleichem, but rather to show the daily life of a gay Jewish community that had no reason to see more distress in life. The film is careful about this, and reserves the right to show only what is necessary for the perfect understanding of the facts. The main focus is the daily life of the family led by Tevye, because it is what will bring in many ways, the message of love and acceptance contained in the original text.

Topol presents all as a brilliant performance, convincing. It is extremely easy and fast for the viewer to fall in love and identify with it, whatever the character has nothing to do with the watch. Impossible not to share their pain, anguish, doubts, and his kindness. Fiddler on the Roof deserved received eight Oscar nominations for 1972 (the year of France and Operation Clockwork Orange). Emerged victorious in some technical categories such as photography and soundtrack. Undoubtedly, a work recognized in his time, but that time tried to establish.

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