After several reports that the producer of the film “The Mercenaries,” Sylvester Stallone would have defaulted on $ 3 million in o2 films, Fernanda Meirelles, the chairman of the group Nu Image / Millennium Films, Avi Lerner, sent a statement the Brazilian press denied all allegations of the Brazilian company.

“The Nu Image / Millennium Films have already run 275 films worldwide in the last 20 years. All the accusations that the o2 Filmes do against us on account of financial debts are false, “the executive wrote in a statement.

Then he explains the values that were spent in Brazil. “For filming in Brazil, our budget was $ 2.9 million, but quickly we realized that the figure was not realistic and we increased our budget to $ 3.5 million. After the shoot, spending stood at $ 4.9 million. After exchange losses and insurance, manufacturing costs were in exact U.S. $ 5.564 million. On April 29, 2009, we received an email from Andrea, the o2 Filmes, confirming that ‘the money was enough to cover production costs’. And I would like to reiterate that all requests for funding made by o2 were paid, “the statement said.

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