The parents who want to bring their children to the movies in time for Christmas have much choice: “Tron: Legacy,” “Tangled” or the latest episodes of “Harry Potter” and “Narnia.” So why will they want to waste their time with the jokes rarely comic Jack Black in “Gulliver’s Travels“?

There is nothing sacred. Released in the 18th century, the classic “Gulliver’s Travels” by Irish writer Jonathan Swift was a social satire and political society, transposing with verve and intelligence fear belongs to the world and the need to define himself before the daily absurdities. Distorted through time and simplified for children, the story has lost some of its magic, being periodically transposed – in film, television, cartoons – with mixed success. Memory, hard to find an adaptation that has also failed here Rob Letterman, the director of yet sympathetic “Monsters vs. Aliens” and “Shark Tale”.

The story picks up the first two Gulliver’s Travels: one in which he finds himself the God of the Lilliputians who are continually at war, and when instead he must survive on an island inhabited by a giant. Far from home, the hero (Jack Black) who felt so different about him that he is the only hold the key to happiness…

Periodically, the masterpieces of literature are there to return film in different forms. This has just helped get Tim Burton immeasurable success with his rereading a bit bland but spectacular of “Alice in Wonderland.” It’s probably on this model has been revamped this project to the 1000 possibilities. That’s where the shoe pinches most. Not content to hold gold in the hands, the two writers developed a story populated with uninteresting characters and annoying situations where the gags more “imaginative” prove that in which Gulliver urine to stop a fire…

In addition to relegate to oblivion its important themes and inspiring his criticism of the company, this new version preaches heavily with corporations. Feeling that the traditions necessarily inspire the youth of today (at the special screening of children talking and running around instead of focusing on the screen), a contemporary filter is applied, which ultimately saves the doldrums developed so far. As is fashionable these days, the winks Hollywood pollute, including major productions of distributor 20th Century Fox: “Star Wars” and “Titanic.” Until this final confrontation plagiarized on “Avatar” (which was already heavily inspired by Japanese animation “Escaflowne”).

Within this plot at low stakes drama and comedy, nothing seems to rise. The three-dimensional effects are among the most useless shown on the screens last year, while the interpretation royally lack of spice. When Mr. Power Jack Black seems bored, is that there is something wrong.

Trip he probably would never have been remade (at least not this way), “Gulliver’s Travels” will be very difficult to inspire his audience with his metaphors reminiscent supported that one is a giant or not more bigger than a thumb, there will always be people bigger or smaller than either, and he must take care … It is on these occasions he would imitate the Lilliputians and slip out of the room as soon as the hilarious short film on this too mad squirrel “Ice Age” ends.

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This post was written by Jeff H.

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