Happy Feet 2When Happy Feet – The Penguin (2006) came they were all amazed with these cute creatures, the musical sequences, the tap dancing for Mumble (voiced by Elijah Wood) and the story that talked about accepting and being accepted for who you are, and a ecological message. Animation directed by George Miller raised nearly $ 400 million at box offices around the world and still grabbed the Oscar for best animated feature film that year, beating Cars and Monster House. The natural consequence of all this would be a continuation. And here we are, five years later, seeing Happy Feet 2 (2011).

In the second film, after the death of (Brittany Murphy) has a small sapling, Erik (Ava Acres), as insecure as was his father. The high level of cuteness of the new character, present throughout the film’s release, once again can fool unsuspecting parents who take their children imagining an innocent and cute design. Happy Feet 2 has action scenes quite realistic characters who screamed loudly and other noises of avalanches and earthquakes that can strike fear in young children. And the bigger problem is that these sequences do not serve to make the story move forward.

At 100 minutes, we see the story

Happy Feet 2

of a son who can not match his father and runs away with friends. A father who is a guilty conscience and will try to reconcile. The replacement of a father figure by another hero. The lessons of humility and forgiveness, and all outcomes to the problems presented above, but without a unit. It seems like the script was made from a brainstorm on ideas that came from there and went straight to the paper, without concern for the whole forming a plot that is initially more uncertain than the path of a snowflake and at the end, is more thin and bumpy than the current ozone layer – the warning of ecological time.

Happy Feet 2

Parallel to all this we follow the journey of two krill, tiny shrimp species, voiced by Matt Damon and Brad Pitt in the original version. The duo, in search of evolution and meaning in life, should serve as comic relief, but falls far short of its unstated (but obvious) inspiration, the prehistoric squirrel Scratch from Ice Age. However, from the aesthetic point of view, the two characters are very important. When we follow on screen their lucubratio

ns, they fill the screen with your details digitally reproduced by minimally pixels. When trying to put their ideas into practice, the plan opens at high speed, showing the insignificance of those people close to the other animals in an interesting camera movement.

Happy Feet 2

But with the constant presence of the two on stage, that leaves less room for the gallant Latin penguin Ramon (Robin Williams), who now plays on the floor to win the heart of Carmen (the misused Sofia Vergara). But the other part of Williams, the penguin guru Amoroso, is even more boring than the animation of 2006. If he was back there helped show the “bottom line”, appears here just to put the flying penguin Sven (Hank Azaria) as the new savior. So it ends up being the synthesis of the franchise, which was once visionary and leader, and now follows the other. Is there a penguin doing parkour to prove all this.

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