You noticed that, along with repeated stories about the state of the economy, you end up seeing more news about crimes large and small? It’s really amazing that identity theft is thriving? According journal news, 15 million identities are stolen each year, a new victim every 2 segundos. Surely, has become so easy to sell identities that prices have fallen dramatically over the past two years. Why does it seem that it’s getting easier for the bad guys and more difficult for guys like me or you? Because their identity is spread on the Internet, but the protection is out of reach.

What can you do when you’re the victim of a data breach:

Close your account. Send an e-mail explaining why and ask for confirmation that your confidential information are deleted from the system. If you can not simply close your account, as in the case of a bank or mortgage, transfer to another provider. If your original provider waives all penalties to cancellation and do not want to close the account? Ok, pay the bill and leave the service, unless you have all numbers changed.

* Cancel all credit cards and debit affected;
* If the gap is contracting with the government, write to the responsible officers of his local, state or even in the country so they are aware of their discomfort;
* Call the police to alert federal fraud on their accounts and asking for careful review of credit reports;
* Requires protection services identity of the entity, such as LifeLock;
* Check all ads account when they arrive;

Tell all your friends, relatives and aggregated over the gap and alert them to avoid the affected entity, and search for LifeLock Promotional Codes to identity protection, and through lifelock reviews you can find more informations about “identity theft”.

This post was written by Jeff H.

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