Inglourious Basterds IMDB

Director: Quentin Tarantino.
Cast/Voices: Diane Kruger, Daniel Brühl, Mike Myers, Michael Fassbender, Julie Dreyfus, Omar Doom, Michael Bacall, Martin Wuttke, Jacky Ido, Til Schweiger, Mélanie Laurent, Brad Pitt, Samuel L. Jackson, Eli Roth, Samm Levine, BJ Novak, Christoph Waltz, Paul Rust.

Speaking of Tarantino’s style is like rain in the wet. Tarantino’s Cult and Pop at the same time, and therefore no one feels entitled to explain the references used by the director. His style ranges from the different choice of source in the opening credits until the scalps torn. Tarantino is not afraid to mix, it’s classical Western, Nazism and apache. And all this mixture, apparently meaningless, generated more than a masterpiece of the director.

Although a filmography with short, Tarantino runs the constant risk of becoming cliche of his own work. I even got to think “hmm, here comes another story of revenge.” But it would be a very shallow analysis and see the first scene was enough to prove how wrong I was. A security plan a spectacular photo pretty much right away, and gave the business cards “hey, Tarantino is not just dialogue.”

Speaking at the opening scene, which is not a trick question, but keep in mind, because you will need there in the middle of the movie. Another thing that deserves to be cited as spectacular and even in the first scene is that the Jew Hunter. That character and that actor. The guy just gives a concert, and steals the show wherever it appears. Obvious that Brad Pitt is the protagonist and makes no ugly, and is responsible for more comical scenes. One hell of black humor.

Tarantino opened the toolbox: brilliant dialogues (especially for comparison between a rat and a squirrel), cool soundtrack as always, stylized violence, bound script and innovative. Who has not wanted to take the scalps Nazis? Huh? Ingenious, no? Is there a movie of Tom Cruise that he has a mission to kill the Nazi mustache, but ends up being frustrating, because the script resolves to be faithful to history, and we know that the mission failed. Tarantino does not respect even the amount of pints of blood we have in the body, imagine the poor and poorly told story. Good.

Since the mustachioed Nazi killed himself when he learned he would lose the war, our only form of revenge is using art. Movies and more movies were made this time, and depicting scenes of the insane howling of the creature, and Tarantino also resolves to use the film as a weapon, obviously in a less poetic than we are accustomed to seeing.

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