Jackass 3D (2010) Movie Review (IMDB – 7.5)

The cult show of the previous decade, “Jackass” comes in 3D to water the spectator of all fluids imaginable. Lovers will be thrilled, others seek to understand this phenomenon.

The popularity of the three dimension is such that he could be out almost all the movies using this technology. Meanwhile “Star Wars” and “Titanic” instead of “Jackass.” Everyone thought the series dead and buried for the episode 2 in 2006 (or 2.5 in 2007). But as the fashion glasses, the excuse is fine to propose a new episode.

The time has flown under the bridge, it should remind Johnny Knoxville and his friends seem strange that live in the past. As if they were given a challenge to get the most possible harm or ridicule the most wickedly their peers. And they do it in different ways, including by sending balls or golf balls to the face, action sports and having accidents all means of transport they can touch.

Sometimes better is not worth trying to understand what makes a series or a feature film a success. Why can a room laugh out loud or crying like a Magdalen. Without doubt there is an audience for everything and there will always be people trying to push boundaries. It is the nature of things. Provided, however, there is a change (up or down), not stagnation.

It is from this impasse that engulfed the new “Jackass” that uses the same recipe as the first volume, which began in 2002. Jeff Tremaine is still in control and they are the same people who will suffer for the camera. For this new lap, why not have unearthed new actors/stuntmen/prey to bring a bit of novelty? For among the big, the dwarf and the disgusting, the eternal clich├ęs are still at the rendezvous.

This weariness is reflected in skits, uneven and generally fall flat. One or two good numbers can still cheer, but when the few must look interesting for an hour and a half, there is a problem. Fit for a segment of “surprise on hold” (when a man dressed in a gorilla trying to scare a couple), there are the traditional gags kick in the testicles or the slap in the face. These are classics that are repeated an incredible number of times (that slow!) that the comic effect disappears completely.

Apart from the surprise which is totally absent, there is this lack of scale is even more problematic. The authors seek to react so that their approach becomes coarse. In 2010, the target audience is accustomed to much worse, and he will wait – in vain – the number who actually take out of its comfort zone. A guy who urinated on someone else? Nothing new there. A donkey that kicks its hooves in the parts of a poor guy? Deja vu. A pig who just eat an apple in the posterior of a man? Ok, not bad, but can we do better? Not really. Yet there are so many ways and angles to his subject. Using more special guests, who are Spike Jonze, Seann William Scott and Will Oldham. Or at least using the staging trusting the real. In this chapter, the best time of the book is when an elderly person could be someone who embraces his granddaughter to make uncomfortable passers. It works completely, because there is not this a little pathetic desire to show off the view.

Probably need new people to bring different ideas to the concept out of steam fairly quickly. Instead, there is a technology that can see in three dimensions a toilet overflowing with excrement. This is called privilege at the expense of the container contents. And when it is bad odor, it is rather difficult to keep their heads above water.

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