Robert De Niro and Jason Statham on the scene of the movie “Killer Elite”

Toronto (Canada), Nov. 21 (EFE) .- In his first feature film, “Killer Elite”, the American director Gary McKendry met Robert De Niro and action stars, Jason Statham and Clive Owen, to show the world ex-soldiers turned into mercenaries.

McKendry, which until then had directed the short film “Everything in This Country Must,” he told Efe that one of the most interesting aspects of his new film is that none of these actors plays the role expected of them.

“In many respects, be expected to interpret the role of Jason Clive, but I opted for the opposite”, he said.

In the film, Statham (“Transporter”) plays Danny, a former soldier who must kill former members of the British Army’s Special Forces, SAS, including Clive Owen’s character to rescue his mentor, played by Robert De Niro.

Statham, known as one of the main faces of action movies, told Efe that working with De Niro and Owen was “amazing.”

“Working with people in an incredible talent like De Niro and Clive Owen makes you want to work harder,” said the English actor, adding that he was interested in doing an action movie more “intellectual”.

“This is probably the only film I made in my career that has enough momentum to create wonderful dramatic action scenes. This was one of the key elements that attracted me,” he said.

Clive Owen also spoke about the experience of working alongside Statham: “We had two very intense fights. But I really like this kind of scene. And do it with Jason is better because it has lots of experience.”

For Owen, also known as dramas such as “Closer – Closer,” there is no difference in the performance of dramatic genres for action movies. “For me it’s the same thing. I put in the action scenes as you would in a scene with dialogue. We need to make them credible,” he said.

“There is something that gives great satisfaction at the scene of fights because there are certain rhythms that must be followed. A scene with a dialogue can always be made with different intonations, the interpretation is always an element in this case. The fight scene is a whole” , Owen added.

For Statham, one of the best memories was being in the movie scene with Robert De Niro. “I have a lot of good memories of this film, but any time on the screen with De Niro is the best for me,” he said.

The actor also praised the Australian Yvonne Strahovski, who maintains a loving relationship in the film. “It’s a great actress. It is a pleasure to work with. We had a great chemistry and she lights up the screen. It’s fantastic,” he continued.

Yvonne, known for the television series “Chuck,” acknowledged that his role in “Killer Elite” allowed him to do something rare in his career: playing an Australian character.

“It’s unusual. It was interesting. I had to make an effort to talk to my native accent in this movie because I’m so used to playing American, especially in the last four years. For me, reading the scripts is automatic with an American accent,” he said.

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