Killers (2010) Movie Review

• Killers, 2010
• Director: Robert Luketic
• Cast: Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl, Tom Selleck
• Synopsis: Jen knows the perfect man. His name is Spencer: He is handsome, educated and intelligent. But what Jen does not know is that Spencer makes a living as a hired killer, hired by the government. They live the dream wedding until, on a beautiful morning …

Not that normally expect something from a movie with Ashton Kutcher in the hands of a director who specializes in mediocre comedies over the last decade (though Legally Blonde, 2001 is nice. When considering something completely unpretentious as Killers, the minimum expected of the viewer is that it has the good sense to stop being syrup and assume that you’re watching a movie that is supposed, he immediately forgettable. This is something pacified among moviegoers and even among the public “common”, but the explanation is necessary to make clear exactly how Killers is frustrating, even though there is no expectation involved.

The direction by Robert Luketic is so fragile that one can literally see the roadmap as conceived through it. Every attempt at intelligent dialogue and a balcony seemingly good on paper becoming one after another in a big crap on the screen; this because Perfect Pair has a clear vocation for sitcom 90 years, but without the timing of a sitcom, what makes each good joke look like a bad joke by poor execution. When Bob DeRosa and Ted Griffin (and think it’s the first time that the writers I quote in a text) insert a scene in which Kutcher Heigl cries for “open your legs!” And takes a huge gun inside the bank where she is sitting , hoping that somehow it turns into a funny moment. Luketic as much the fault of the couple of players.

Ashton Kutcher had serious limitations – like so many other actors – but as a Ben Stiller is conscious about their curse of playing characters capped for life (because they work), Kutcher decided to try the complete opposite unable, however, ceases to be himself. The result is a mythological creature bizarre part James Bond part Dude, Where’s My Car?, 2000 (which I love, incidentally). The luck is that Katherine Heigl is much, much worse. And if it is to tell the cast (I’m breaking the previous day …), the underutilization of Tom Selleck is unforgivable.

Actually it’s the lack of development (of neighbors, Selleck) that numbs the plot points. Is described by a friend Perfect Pair will seem hilarious. A former assassin for hire, the government has price on his head and starts to be pursued by all that he thought were his friends (friendly neighbors, coworkers, even the postman), but which in fact were professional assassins waiting for a chance to kill him.

Does not require any feat of mise-en-scene in a comedy of summer, just a functional narrative capable of entertaining the public school, which luckily acknowledges, occasionally, when it is underestimated. Perfect Partner is bombed, and the bill is Bob Luketic.

By DVD World Report, on 08/27/2010 – Rating: 1.0

This post was written by Jeff H.

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