There are people who twist the nose to the proceedings. Others charge a new formula was already known. If you do not care for it and no prejudice against a bear beast in martial arts, find a temple, I mean, the nearest movie theater and enjoy yourself.

This time, Po (Jack Black / Lucio Mauro Filho), his friends Tigress, Crane, Monkey, Viper, Mantis (The Furious Five) and Master Shi Fu, are facing a new danger. Banished from their kingdom by their own parents, the Peacock Lord Shen promises to conquer China and finish off with Kung Fu, using a powerful weapon.

With this family conflict, the script runs a bit more content in the plot and even closer hero and villain, putting Po facing a new reality about their origins, since the first movie (amazingly enough), he appears as the son of a duck. But this bit of “depth” to there, because the story itself remains simple, focused more on the little people than in Altinho and running for bot. bulk polyethylene

The action scenes are great and from start to finish, dictating the pace of the adventure anchored in the martial art. Choreography high visual impact and a rickshaw chase are just some spices as well as the fun dialogue punchy endangered (merit of the actors / voice actors). Continued use of the unfailing expressions effect, typical of heroes such as “stealth mode!” Jokes with their flaws or imperfections naively, giving even more sympathetic to the character, which is actually only one child.

Although the use of 3-D is dispensable, with the same good track before, Hans Zimmer (The Lion King) and John Powell (Shrek), following the success of the 2008 continues mixing animation techniques and obtained a beautiful result. Kung Fu Panda 2 is silly, but it’s fun. So take a kickback in a bad mood and face this fun black belt.

*DreamWorks planning is for six films in total.

This post was written by Jeff H.

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