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Director: Julian Schnabel.
Cast/Voices: Mathieu Amalric, Emmanuelle Seigner, Marie-Josée Croze, Anne Consigny, Patrick Chesnais, Olatz Lopez Garmendia, Marina Hands, Max von Sydow.

The film is based on the book and biography of Jean-Dominique Bauby, who tells the trajectory of his own after being paralyzed due to stroke (stroke). The main point of the story is that Jean-Dominique presents a rare clinical condition after stroke: a complete paralysis. Syndrome called “locked-in”, which as the name makes you understand, hold the patient in his own body, this intriguing clinical physicians and takes all the moves of Jean-Dominique, who are then able to move only one of eyes and can even speak.

Jean-Do, as known by friends, was the editor of Elle magazine and also a writer. Separated and father of three children, had a beautiful and passionate girlfriend. An active person who is suddenly condemned to live locked in her own body. In this respect, the reference to Jean-Do himself makes the diving is perfect. We see clearly, especially at the beginning of the movie, the struggle and anguish of the character compared to your current situation, and his will to be free from the shackles.

Regarding the film, the director seeks to approach the day-to-day life of Jean-Do, and their own life situation, using a subjective view of the story. For much of the film we’re seeing images from a camera that shows us the vision of the protagonist. Effects are included there that allow us to witness the difficulties that Jean-Do had to see, its limited field of vision and problems stemming from his total lack of movement. Especially in the beginning of the movie, this view makes the story even more sad and melancholic.

But contrary to what may seem, the movie is not sad all the time. Jean-Dominique reveals a humorous person and very cynical. Even without speaking, he spends time with his thoughts turns gaudy and sometimes presents us with situations extremely hilarious. To help you express yourself, your speech therapist develops a method based on the most commonly used letters in French words and winks that gives the protagonist trying to communicate. With that Jean-Dominique begins to talk “flashing.”

At the moment they decide not to surrender to disease, Jean-Do decides to write a book about his life. And starts to undertake a massive effort to dictate it. Luckily for the protagonist, the fact of being a writer and has not lost its lucidity, allows that he is not devoured by the situation. A vivid imagination helps Jean-Do to live the worst moments and is an inspiration and strength for the task of writing the book. Even with all the difficulties, their desire to externalize the ideas just winning their limitations. And releasing it.

* Golden Globe for Best Director and Best Foreign Film.
* Awards for Best Director and the Technical Grand Prize at Cannes.

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