“Machete” Movie Review

Anthem started and bloodied in the bottom of Immigration, “Machete” is a highly effective entertainment that will scream over one of happiness. In an ideal world, is what should have been like “Piranha 3D.”

There are people who are in the wrong place at wrong times. Tell Machete (Danny Trejo), a former Mexican agent who has seen his wife being murdered before his eyes. Now pacing the streets of the United States, is embroiled in a sinister plot involving a popular senator (Robert De Niro). Now everyone seems to want him to skin and will have no choice but to take up arms – the sharper edges and possible – to defend themselves.

Machete” was born in 2007 through a memorable trailer which bound the two means films by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino on “Grindhouse”. Three years later, this is the feature which lands offered by the director of “From Dusk Till Dawn” and his faithful editor Ethan potholder.

Like any good exploitation film, blood, barbarity and sessions scantily clad girls are legion. The anti-hero always finds new ways to kill his enemies, and these sequences have carnage soon cause hilarity as the mood is constant. This probably explains why a horde of famous names can be found in the credits. Apart from Danny Trejo – the uncompromising favorite actor Rodriguez – Jessica Alba ago making a good impression, Michelle Rodriguez, who has the physical qualifications, Don Johnson, who frowns, Cheech Marin crazy service, Lindsay Lohan bitch Angelica, Robert De Niro in corrupt politician and even Steven Seagal makes almost forget all his previous turnips.

Add to that realization nervous and tense enough pace even if the story drags a little in length and you have a much more satisfying than the recent and disappointing “The Expendables.” Except that “Machete”, which swim in the same waters as the dreadful “Piranha 3D” has two strengths in his game does not need a technology that emerges from the screen to overcome its lack of interest. Better yet, it has a social impact scenario, a genuine issue that raises the stakes considerably. This explains all about the delicate relationship between Mexico and the United States, with these boundary problems where the construction of a wall would be for some people the cure for all ills. This everyday racism expressed by some false advertisements that can only be in stitches.

In the effigy of “Planet Terror” and the most exciting trials Rodriguez “Machete” is a feast without any subtlety that can be enjoyed in the first degree. Although its scent is distilled rather quickly, the pleasure is usually by appointment. The ideal double feature drive-in the company of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World “.

This post was written by Jeff H.

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