Make Healthy Food Choices

Currently a significant portion of the population has the goal of losing weight is to be dissatisfied with their body, or even to improve their quality of life by preventing the onset of diseases that are associated with a high weight, such as hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, orthopedic diseases among others.

To realize this diet on their own without support from a nutritionist and end up jeopardizing your health, because very limited consumption of certain foods which results in lack of essential nutrients to our body.  Before beginning any diet or retraining program to feed the main stimulus should be the determination to change. Will change habits, food, times change and especially in the choices. Taking the first step is very important, but to persevere is essential. These changes will not be any kind of torture but discovering a new pleasure: feeling good about yourself.

What ends up happening with patients is a little idea of what actually eat during the day and the quantity. I recommend you to always eat nutritious foods, such as with whole grains or whole wheat bread, joseph’s cookies, fruit, a portion of milk or derived, and of course, you have a practical way that helps you watch your consumption, make a daily record of consuming and follow up with a dietitian can help in these choices, but do not forget that their determination to change makes all the difference!

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This post was written by Jeff H.

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