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I recently talked to an older friend who was planning a giant seminar. They needed custom stickers for the event so that everyone could have name badges. She asked me if I knew of a website that could help her, so I did a little digging. I found Maverick and immediately realized they would be the perfect place for her to turn. Everything about the site seemed to spell perfection. I know a thing or two about custom labels, and Maverick gives you the best bang for your buck of any label company I’ve ever seen. They also have speedy delivery from five nationwide distribution centers.

Their selection of same-day shipment products is extremely comprehensive. My friend also said that she needed a bunch of Peel Off Labels, and Maverick looks like it will be the best place for that too. I tested it out and you can use their online design tools to get a proof of an order right away and have it appear in real time in your web browser. I’m glad I found Maverick. It’s going to be a real time saver for myself and my friend.

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