Movie about Bob Marley will be centered in love triangleAccording to the Deadline website, Jenny Ash is developing the biopic project about the singer and composer of reggae Bob Marley.

The project will focus on the era in which Marley spent in the city of London in 1977. He left Jamaica and went to England after suffering threats and, in the British capital, began a relationship with Cindy Breakspeare, a model and singer who had her son Damien Marley. According to Jane Ash, who is director of television, the movie will focus on the love triangle between Bob, Cindy, Rita, his wife at the time.

The British director may face problems to realize the production since it has not secured the rights to play songs by Bob Marley in the film, in addition, the animosity of Rita regarding Cindy can make it more difficult project.

This post was written by Jeff H.

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