Movie camera

Technically we can define the movie as a succession of images on a screen, obtained by optical projection, which has the feel for the rapid exchange of images, a continuous motion.

The images that allow the movie must therefore be translucent and positive, since the optical projection requires a beam of light crossing the recorded image, and it is formed and enlarged by a lens, allowing itself to its external projection recorded image.

To this effect works, we need to capture and project the image in similar systems, compatible and standardized, like professional security cameras.

The instrument used to capture images is a movie camera, composed of the optical and mechanical (and some modern electronics that regulate more precisely their functions) that capture a succession of images.

With different appearances, the cameras operate on the same principle today. They consist of three basic parts: the body with a purely mechanical part, to drag, exposure and movie winding, the chassis, which contains the movie and the optical system comprising the lens, filters and accessories.

The body is home to the hilt, the openings that allow the fitting of the chassis and lens and the movie transport mechanism (grifa / shutter) which is responsible for capturing a certain number of frames per second.

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