Since Night at the Museum and two made enough money at the box office – almost $ 1 billion worldwide combined – 20th Century Fox will not take long to produce the third. In an interview with Access Hollywood, the writer Thomas Lennon, who had involvement in the script of the first two films in the series “Night at the Museum”, has hinted that the third film is a possibility:

“I wonder if anyone has not started working on a script for it [the third film]. I can not confirm nor deny the fact, may be coming. “

And more. Lennon gave an idea for the plot, but I have reason to believe that it was a joke (he laughed when he said that), but who knows? Can not be:

“Here’s a tip, beware of spoilers – ‘Night at the Museum 3‘ will happen at the Liberace Museum”

The Liberace Museum that to which he refers to is this one. If you are going to roll a third film (which I doubt in the past but not today), hopefully at least stay level in the first, which I myself saw and enjoyed.

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