Noah (2014) – Review


To tell the movie one of the greatest stories of humanity, what is expected is a great movie. And “Noah” only pretends to be one. The actor is a household name, with Oscar and all. There is technology and money to create the giant ark and the flood. All narrated in epic tone, right? But Russell Crowe is lousy, the ark is only a crate floating in a bathtub and the history, simplistic, have battles that seem to have rejected by the “The Lord of the Rings“.

Director Darren Aronofsky comes from two beautiful hits, ” The Fighter” and “Black Swan “, this last an amazing movie. Clearly it is difficult some surprise when everyone already knows the script: Noah is the man chosen by God to build the ark , put her family and two of every animal species on Earth to repopulate the world after the deluge divine. Aronofsky simplifies the story the most annoying and everything flows into a schematic and visual poverty movie. When Noah tells the story of the creation of the world to his family, still images are exchanged at a rapid pace, as if it were the opening vignette of the TV series “The Big Bang Theory“.

The entry of the animals into the ark could be a good ingredient for spectacular images, but the results on the screen does have some glare. Create graphs critters must have taken a lot of work, which is killed in short scenes, a nothing inspired direction. When Noah needs to prevent a large horde enters of in the ark, who appears to help are the Guardians, stone giants that God has forsaken in the earth. These creatures sleep huddled together like hidden rocks, and if Noah is threatened, they rise to fight, made clumsy versions of the robots of ” Transformers.”

The cast could make a difference, but can not. Anthony Hopkins emerges as Methuselah, Noah’s grandfather ; his current vocation comes down to older types wise, as their Odin in the franchise ” Thor“. The wife and children of Noah are beautiful. Jennifer Connelly is stunning covered up by mud flood. Russell Crowe, deepvoice and heroic quests, like Charlton Heston.  Heston was gladiator in “Ben-Hur” and Moses in “The Ten Commandments” ; Crowe became famous in “Gladiator” and it was obvious option for Noah.

Reformat humanity is too much for an actor attached to a single expression throughout the film. If there was any chance of creativity in the script, was the growing madness of Noah during his mission, but Crowe is unable to demonstrate such subtlety.

With more than two hours, the film will tiring. To resort to another suffered biblical character, it takes patience of Job to endure ” Noah.”

Director: Darren Aronofsky
Cast: Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly,Emma Watson

1/5 – Very Bad

This post was written by Jeff H.

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