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Director: Jaume Collet-Serra.
Cast: Isabelle Fuhrman, Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard, CCH Pounder, Jimmy Bennett, Aryana Engineer, Lorry Ayers.

I have extreme admiration for performance of junior stars in adult films, especially horror movies. And since much time is proving that children are able to put forward a project and sometimes steal the show. Based on these trends, the youngest child prodigy of evil is in the orphan – a thriller that impresses more by the actions of its protagonist than for its content. The direction is borne by Jaume Collet-Serra director of House of Wax – so forget the reference.

A perfect family, a couple and two beautiful children – were actually three – as a tragic fact takes the life of one of them, even before birth, a fact that comes to undermine the structure of marriage of parents and making the wife dip in alcoholism and have nightmares at night with what happened. Vera Farmiga (great actress) and Stellan Sarsgaard are heads of household, and even with the loss they decide to appeal to an adoption. And in the midst of so many small children docile and beautiful, with the husband crosses just a grown up already. Esther is the image of the fragility and delicacy. No one in the world, she sings, paints, and is seen looking smart and guess the rumors that the family has faced, soon to fall into the graces of Esther couple.

Esther will live with his new adoptive country and the impression of strangeness of the girl will only grow more and more. Always with great clothes and a Bible in her hand the girl began to be harassed by classmates and even by his new brother. The mother (always) is the first to notice that things are not going well – the girl always appears when the couple is in their intimate and is able to blackmail anyone, always relying on the weaknesses carefully studied by it-what he calls the woman’s attention. But who will believe in an alcoholic?

There is a good deal of tension in the film, for example – there is a scene where the camera goes into a child’s toy in the park making the site into something claustrophobic. The film also has some controversial moments by placing small children in the midst of scenes of murders and even a scene of incredible seduction by the devil. The performance of actress Isabelle Fuhrman tell by the way was praised in all places where the movie came but the film does not go very far, showing that even came to make noise and discomfort. The big difference here is the climax of the film – or the great explanation – that can not fail to surprise, but it’s a little hard to swallow who is Esther.

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