Almost all foreign films in competition for the final 5 nominations for Oscars next is known. Discover it with our colleagues from In Contention. We knew the French candidate, men and gods. Among its competitors seriously, there is Mexico’s Biutiful, the South African Secret Chanda, Turkish or Romanian Honey If I Want To Whistle, I Whistle.

Among the outstanding candidates from the list but not really taste the Academy if we take a look at the appointed in recent years, Uncle Boonmee, who remembers his past lives chosen by Thailand or chosen by the Canine Greece are major paris. Joker side, we are sending Library Pascal Hungary, Japan chooses Confessions of Tetsuya Nakashima troublemaker, or Portugal, who tries his luck with the Oscar-friendly unless you die Die like a man. Note the lese majesty of Russia, fifteen years after the Oscar won by Burnt by the Sun, not even send his suite, the nanar Burnt by the Sun 2, but The Edge, signed Alexei Uchitel.

The 2011 Oscars will take place Feb. 27.

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