The Paramount Studio reinvent the history of cop Axel Foley in a new movie franchise “Beverly Hills Cop“, which premiered in the United States scheduled for March 25, 2016. Eddie Murphy will return to play the lead role, said on Friday (2) the studio.

According to the website The Hollywood Reporter, producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s trilogy is behind the project, to be directed by Brett Ratner, whose script is being finished. The intention is that the footage be initiated in the second half of this year.

The film will promote a return to the early life of the protagonist aiming to introduce the character to a new audience, and not as a fourth installment of the previous story.

The first three films “Beverly Hills Cop” debuted in 1984, 1987 and 1994 and grossed over $735 million at the box office worldwide.

“Since our first feature movie, Toy Story, we hide a lot of easter eggs in our productions”, says director and producer Lee Unkrich.

An article written by the journalist Jon Negroni, with a theory created by him saying that all movies produced by Pixa are, actually, only one movie. Taking advantage of the interpretation, the animation studio decided to release a video that reinforces the “conspiracy”. The material shows a compilation of scenes from Toy Story, Up, Monsters Inc., Cars and Ratatouille, with connections between the movies that may have gone unnoticed by many viewers.

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Noah (2014) – Review


To tell the movie one of the greatest stories of humanity, what is expected is a great movie. And “Noah” only pretends to be one. The actor is a household name, with Oscar and all. There is technology and money to create the giant ark and the flood. All narrated in epic tone, right? But Russell Crowe is lousy, the ark is only a crate floating in a bathtub and the history, simplistic, have battles that seem to have rejected by the “The Lord of the Rings“.

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The Purge: Anarchy

The sequel to ‘The Purge‘  gets  its second trailer.

In an America ravaged by crime, the government passed a period of 12 hours per year in which any criminal activity, including murder, is legal. The police can not be called and hospitals suspend aid. It is a night where citizenship is regulated without thought of punishment. The story brings new protagonists, and this time does not pass within a home.


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Need for Speed (2014) – Review


The Need for Speed ​​series is famous for stylish vehicles in races held in unusual locations, allowing the player to drive around in the middle of a hint of illegality. Yes, because clandestine disputes and police leaks are constant figures in games of the series. Given the overwhelming success of the Fast & Furious franchise, it seemed natural that a big-screen adaptation arise anytime. What was not expected was that the movie was so sloppy in such crucial issues.

The story and the setting of the main characters are not good. Everything revolves around Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad series, very apathetic), the good owner of a workshop practicing some illegal races in their free time. One day, he receives an invitation from a disaffected (Dominic West) to assist in the construction of a mythical car, aiming at a future sale. Needing the money, he stumbles. Service done, the two end up dueling in decisive splits… and a great partner of Tobey dies. Result: the hero goes to jail and two years later, resurfaces willing to participate in an illegal race. Of course, the villain of the story will also be in contention.

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