How many movies can produce a franchise without losing the grace and fall into limbo? The answer to this question varies depending on the talent of writers, directors and cast. However, a few times a number greater than three results in something usable.

Paranormal Activity 4 is no exception. After an exciting third film, considered by some the best of the series, the fourth title is a disappointment. Only it’s not a total failure because there are a few moments that save mediocrity.

What about when a thriller makes you laugh more often than cringe? This is the scenario we have here. There are several good jokes that help create a false climax to a shock awaits you with anxiety, but never comes.

The hope for a dignified end for a scene or fatigues terrifying, yet where there is more likely to trust the plot. Incidentally, here’s the major flaw: the naive script, which insists doubt the intelligence of the audience, creates silly explanations for unlikely situations.

The whole story revolves around the small Roobie presented as the son of Katie, responsible for linking the plot with the previous long. Now the society of witches, demons and ghosts decides to change to a luxurious neighborhood in order to get closer to a new child.

The problem is that the arguments used to put Roobie home in this new family are absurd. In that world a family with good social status, and highly concerned about security, lets go a stranger living in your home and in his first ever night sleep in the room of the youngest son?

This is only one of many situations where the script failure. There is an inexplicable fixation for creating suspense scenes involving doors and shadows, something that becomes tiresome and predictable every step more than the previous. The clich├ęs are varied, from balls slowly falling from a ladder up to the voices of children in unknown locations. There is even an explicit reference, almost a copy badly planned, the scene with the tricycle of The Shining.

It is impossible to accept that a franchise both kick a movie to another, mainly because of the production and direction were in the hands of these professionals. The only way to take the title is to abstract the many problems and treat every work as a fleeting and shallow fun.

Paranormal Activity 4 seems to have reached the limit of the series and proved that the mockumentary genre is saturated and needs to be explored in a new way. Obviously, there is a close and new sequences should come around, but it’s a tip: prefer to watch the first or the second movie of the franchise or resurrect that your DVD of The Blair Witch Project.

This post was written by Jeff H.

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