Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds exempt the use of bands, blankets and other things adjacent to the blind, and therefore become more economic, releasing their creativity and their pockets to invest in fabrics more attractive.

Roman blinds together practicality and technology, valuing all types of environment and has the ability to enhance the home environment, with quality fabrics, modern and washable. Moreover, differ itself from traditional blinds, because have a structure with great quality that reaches several lighting effects, and modern drive mechanisms easy to handle. Cheap Roman Blinds combines with all types of fabrics and with actuators for each specific need and usually appears much on decorations more modern, practices and elegant.

Are two choices of drives to suit various types of windows, ensuring handling. The standard (drive per strand) and mono drive control. The Roman Blind rises by handling the ropes and is adaptable to any window straight or tilted. With a Roman Blind..

  • You can fix the ceiling or wall.
  • Your trail contains a velcro tape, this is good for any fabric.
  • Also ensures a good attachment for heavy fabrics.
  • All the fixing mechanism is hidden.
  • Lock at any point you want.
  • Take it easy for washing.
  • Installation is extremely easy.

Also you can buy a fabric called “blackout” that darkens the environment, because normally the thickness of the blind of the window influences the clarity.

This post was written by Jeff H.

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