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“Saw VII is a film which paid out within what has been this franchise. The film does not approach what was its original version but it is much better than the sequels that will follow … So you went you your movies, Saw 3D is what are you waiting for, although it could be the favor of skipping the 3D . Screen Rant

“After seven Halloweens, the Saw franchise comes to an end with applause in this release, however, something tells me that Jigsaw never have had so many sequels.” – Mack Rawda, Cinema Blend

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After six years of continuous delivery after another of the Saw franchise, we have reached the final game, one we can clear all the unknowns of this ruthless and deadly game that many fans and detractors managed to accumulate.

The final chapter has just become the biggest opening box office weekend in the United States with a collection of more than $ 24 million. As many know, the film has heightened expectations as the first of all the consequences which is displayed in 3D.

Years of torturing themselves watching the grisly evidence of Jigsaw and his pupils are the ones who end up in this latest installment to put aside so terrified because of the stark violence, to focus on suspense as it works to demand revealing and confirming who is behind everything.

But this does not mean that evidence of this moralizing and traumatized evil character, who takes his “participants” at the limit of human condition, cease to be accompanied by the conventional devices of the first delivery as weapons, knives and poisons and the most sophisticated torture devices such as masks brain crushers, jaw, thoracic and even box crushers. In this regard, the last version has a sort of compilation of the most frightening devices that serve as inspiration for the most ruthless testing of the whole saga.

The theme will revolve around self-help guru named Bobby Dagen, who had benefited from the stories of the survivors of the game to produce a book and pretend to even one of them. His pockets are increasingly fatter with all the accompanying equipment. This sin is the perfect excuse for Bill, the doll behind Jigsaw, is set in it and make it into the game with all those who have kept the secret.

SAW 3D is a feast with the best of the above, plus the frame to solve the mystery. Between flashbacks and survivors, fans can see old “participants” among which are Jill Tuck, Adam Stanheight, Dr. Gordon and to John Hoffman.

Throughout this long delivery there were several ups and downs, effects that were not able to meet the expectations of many especially after discovering that the villain dies, but even so, the web woven over all 6 years was taken well into account desmarañar when the tissue in this final chapter. It is clear that taken into account all the loose ends, or at least most of them.

The failure of the film goes, oddly, in what was his biggest strength, special effects, and particularly in the theme color of blood this time, leaves much to be desired. However there are other aspects that are well made as editing, sound and music by Charlie Clouser who created the pieces of this franchise and other movies of the genre like Dead Silence and Resident Evil: Extinction.

The final chapter, and precisely because the end is that I think the most interesting of all, although it leaves some feeling to see a sequel.

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