The postcard is a simplification of the letter simple. This is a small rectangle of thin cardboard, with the intention to circulate by mail without an envelope, with one side for the recipient address, postage stamp, message of the sender and any other image. (see the image on left side, is a postcard of the cinema of R.M.S “Queen Mary” situated on United Kingdom.)

Send postcards to friends and family is one of the most enjoyable activities of a trip. Perhaps a way to perpetuate the beautiful moment we’re living, or that wonderful landscape we are stepping, or the fantastic historic building that just visit, and we share them with our loved ones. Maybe even send postcards with a tinge of sadism, as if to say those were what they are losing by not having traveled.

For those who receive the postcard is also a great satisfaction to know that was recalled in lands far away, and there is no way to be with a little envy and dream of one day visiting the site shown on the card.

Postcards and travel two inseparable companions. I know people who do not collect postcards, but buy more in the cities they visit, to hold together the photo postcard on the photo albums. That is, it returns with hundreds of photos of the trips, but also buy postcards, mainly from the aerial views in order to locate where he was, to better visualize the places you have been to show to friends and family in great detail all that seen.

This post was written by Jeff H.

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