“Shutter” Movie Review

In the plot, Benjamin Shaw (Joshua Jackson) is a photographer who ended up marrying Jane (Rachel Taylor). How to present the lovebirds, they move to Japan (!), Since there Ben would have more chances in the profession (yeah!). While were on the road, Jane has just run over a girl, whose body mysteriously disappears. Initially concerned, the two try to forget the incident with the new house and the wonderful country that is Japan, but supernatural events come to haunt their lives. Distorted images begin to appear in photos, physical appearances and noises disturb the peaceful life they wanted to take. It is trying to figure out the reason why everything that Jane investigates the life of Ben’s friends and their relationship in the past.

The story is the same, changing the college and the biology laboratory of the original. Okay that’s understandable, since it’s a remake. But understand: the American version of “The Ring” is as horrifying as normal, so to have achieved a dramatic line of terror and effective to cause reactions in public. “The Scream” for example, goes from terror scare on what makes you laugh, falling in bad taste. The recent “The Eye” remains moderate, the same way that his story is presented from the beginning. So why the particularity of “Shutter” is a terrible example to remake? Just the greatest grace of the original film to show at the end. I remember when I watched the “Spirits”, I thought the story half-baked until the outcome has justified everything I needed to enjoy the film.

When I entered the room to see “Shutter”, I was asking for the writer and director manage to insert new elements in the plot that caused this feeling of satisfaction at the end of the session. Result: the film remains faithful to the events of the original, ie not create a relationship of curiosity by the public who has watched the movie before. We already know what are the facts to unfold and how the story ends, which is fatal to a film that aims to scare with the supernatural theme. vinyl shutters. Players end up victims of ridicule, just for being the only silly not to know what is happening. Anticipating this, the script also creates scenes “revelations” as fast and as pathetic.

Even with an interesting story about the original American version is ineffective. Nowhere there is an atmosphere of suspense and scares are merely gags. Highlighting the worst scene in the movie, when the spirit dress up and show a body much like the Mystic, the X-Men, the constraint comes into play. I think it replaced the horrible scene of the original bathroom has a rough as this much. Speaking of replacements, a component of the final part, when the protagonists visit the home of the girl-problem was removed. The mother who preserved the body of her daughter as if she were alive was another bizarre element of “spirits” that caused chills, and this long American is replaced by a devaluation of life without grace.

Many laughed at the way you talk and act of the Thais in the original film, but “Shutter” can be lower. Joshua Jackson is no more credibility in the scene, always embodying the style I want to be gallant. ” During a scene in which it is haunted, grieved facial expressions he makes. Have a wonderful Rachel Taylor is in the film wrong. The amount of drama is in excess, demonstrating that in any film she could do more natural talent and would be registered. The cast is Oriental vitality of a people happy and superstitious, which is still delicious to see the scene.

Director Masayuki Ochiai is summed up much of the copy taken from the original film, not using creativity to new plans. The most that the filmmaker is able to move your camera with more dynamics at times, but not something that a horror film needs to have. Some scenes are still very confused, as Ben reveals a picture and being attacked by the spirit, beyond the time that Ben is dragged in the dark while flashes are fired at the studio. What was to strike fear gets confused and causes no reaction, but to the regret of having gone to watch the movie. Simply useless.

This post was written by Jeff H.

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