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Our boss called a meeting today to apprise us of a new project which is on the anvil. It is a huge project and a lot of factors need to be considered before we actually go ahead and implement it. We decided we should start Estimating Software Costs to accurately estimate the total cost of ownership it will take for the project to come to its successful conclusion. My boss also asked us to get should cost modeling done for determining what our final product should cost in the market. We are using function point estimation. This way we will be fully prepared for any eventualities that may arise and will also be able to plan ahead with confidence.

SEER for Software (SEER-SEM) is a powerful decision-support tool for estimating software development and maintenance cost, labor, staffing, schedule, reliability, and risk as a function of size, technology, and any project management constraints. I can just imagine how much more successful our organization will be once it is able to determine, in advance, which projects would likely run into cost, schedule, or resource overruns. We will also be able to ensure that all project managers have equal project and software estimation expertise, and that every supplier negotiation begins with a thorough, documented analysis of what a project should cost.

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