Spoiler is a car part intended primarily to improve the stability and grip of the vehicle. However, they can also have an aesthetic function. Put a spoiler  (also known as “skirt” or “wing”) is usually powerful in one of the first actions taken in car customization. But you know to serve a spoiler? When the car is in motion, air flow intensity (even if you are a 124 mp/h!) Is everywhere. The spoilers are devices that try mending this flow of air at the bottom of the car. Thus, the pressure on the car increases, while the pressure between the car and ground down. The result? The power down (“down force”) generated by this pressure difference “push” the car in this direction, keeping it glued to the ground and thus improving their performance curves.

Many people think that the installation of spoilers are meant to improve aerodynamics. Nothing more wrong! Now that you know how is a spoiler, do not commit this error more.. tuning spoilers have several forms. There are the front spoiler, the rear spoilers and side skirts also the – all with the same function to help the car stick to the asphalt (and, of course, make our big cars and beautiful encrementados more), who has a car “tuning” usually likes to appear, so the external visual is also highly valued, to make the car as “different” and unique as possible.

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This post was written by Jeff H.

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