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Dance and movies are very similar. After the unsatisfactory “Step Up 3D,” open the room for even more distressing “StreetDance 3D” that does not even bother to throw dirty water bath for reuse. Then results in a warm production, low-stakes real drama, which rather gives the taste of wiggle to this object elsewhere than poor.

A major championship dance is almost here. Carly (Nichola Burley) and his friends are not certain to attend, too afraid of the rival team. A combination of circumstances will force their troops to teach the basics of their movements “street” to students more “traditional” practicing ballet. Perhaps by combining these two art forms, everyone will come out winner.

The movie is sometimes a very strange place where the viewer has trouble separating his mirror reflection. Already he was recovering from the useless “Step Up 3D,” which took the show in early August that it faces a new feature dancing almost identical, but lower quality. Of course, it can be said that the test is for customers teenager and that means of expression reflects the values of the new Youth (is not that longed to the heroine of the excellent “Fish Tank” by Andrea Arnold? And all the protagonists of “Save the Last Dance” which has many similarities even though he has been out for almost a decade?).

Yet there are limits to what the public – regardless of age – can bear, who has seen it all thanks to the possibilities of the Internet. Already he was not expecting a particularly revolutionary history, and foreseeing the end the simple reading of the premise or watching the trailer. No matter that everything ends well, the important thing should not it be a journey?

On this side disasters are numerous and they come all at once. It is stupid to cry these characters who have absolutely no chemistry between them (but that comes to Charlotte Rampling in this story?), These dialogues that defy ludicrous (how many times it will issue to follow his own path inner?), this staging of Max Giwa and deplorable Dania Pasquini that could be performed by a robot, the uninspired choreography and songs interchangeable. Even the technology in three dimensions, spectacular in “Step Up 3D” ‘falls flat here, limited to a few tackles and expected effects.

The most heartbreaking is the discourse that emerges from all this. The story spends his time smashing the class, facing the street dance (necessarily exciting, because popular and unifying) the rhythms of ballet (and therefore boring snobs of course). Patronizing a dichotomy that does not excuse a conclusion that leave to 180 degrees, however the opposite effect in the mouth. Like what the end justifies the means, misrepresenting anyone and anything to win a dance competition, and where young people who have no money to pay for a rehearsal still bought clothes and luxury shoes.

Instead of looking at the pretty Nichola Burley move heaven and earth to do something that is really not worth it, fans of the genre prefer to attend to actual dance performances instead of wasting their time with “Sex and the City 3D“. At least there will probably something interesting to see and feel.

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