She was 56 years and are suspected of having died from the heat wave in California.

The editor Sally Menke, known for work in the movies of Quentin Tarantino, was found dead on the morning of Tuesday, February 28th in Los Angeles. She had been missing since the previous day, when he left to walk the dog, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Oscar-nominated twice, for Pulp FictionTime of Violence and Inglourious Basterds, Sally was next to Tarantino in all his feature films since Reservoir Dogs, 1992.

Sally went on a walk with your dog early on Monday and was not seen again. Police found his body in the morning, when told of the disappearance. The animal was found at the scene alive.

Suspicions are that the publisher of 56 years, has died from the massive heat wave in California.

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IMDB 6.6/10

The fourth volume of a popular series of feature films, “Resident Evil: Afterlife” is close finally the fantastic video game that inspired it. A step in the right direction that will appeal again as fanatics license penalty for so many years, to renew itself.

A virus has decimated humanity, turning people into undead. Although she lost her extraordinary powers, Alice (Milla Jovovich) is still motivated to find survivors who might find themselves on a boat off the coast of Los Angeles. Yet it must arrive there, when their aircraft crashed on a nearby building. No output appears on the horizon, there are only zombies in search of human flesh.

“Resident Evil” looks suspiciously like “Saw”: no matter what happens, there’s always a new suite that was created. Yet quality has never really been at the rendezvous. In 2002 Paul WAS Anderson alignment (or slaughtered) the legendary series from Capcom, which has brought happiness to many players with the Playstation and its derivatives. Excluding this transposition was finally almost nothing to do with the scripts for various episodes. But as is often the case, commercial success dictates while having the last word, which gave rise to even more pathetic “Apocalypse” (2004) and “Extinction” (2007) of any duty.

For this latest adventure, Mr. “I do not know how to adapt video games but I do not think about the consequences of my actions” Paul WAS Anderson (“Mortal Kombat”) is back behind the camera to deliver a new version of chewed “The Matrix” in the feminine, without the complexity and small philosophical lesson that accompanied it. He proposed instead of the action, but nothing that fans of the genre has never seen before. After a short introduction that summarizes the issues, his wife Milla Jovovich chases bad guys abusing waterfalls, bullets (unlimited, of course) and slowed. This explosive sequence is just an excuse to attract the attention of the audience because the story really begins later.

Once the first half hour, viewers can finally look at what is happening under his eyes. The essence of “Resident Evil” finally comes when the characters are trapped in a building: they must find a way out before it’s too late, and the threat may appear at any time. The concept recalls “Alien”, but also the television show “Virginia.” The rumor suggests that this is the last lap, then the director has brought together most of the heroes of previous efforts to make them live one last scare. One idea that has merit and should be further developed, instead of just an excuse for a rudimentary scenario.

Despite the feeling of déjà vu this movie dozens of times, anyone interested from near or far to the marvels of the company Capcom (when in “Mega Man” in the cinema?) Will be curious about this fourth . Without doubt it is better than the previous two, but is it a necessary reason to want to attend such a bloodbath, unimaginative and interpretation leaves much to be desired terribly? Especially it will spend even more than before since everything is in three dimensions and that this technology does nothing to improve the quality of production.

Angelina Jolie said she is eager for the sequence (almost confirmed) of “Salt”, which opened the North American box office with $ 36 million. “I hope very much, everybody expected,” she said at the premiere of the film in London.

“I love action movies, I love to punch, jump and shoot. I’m lucky to have that job,” he says. Even with the excitement of the beautiful, the studio Sony Pictures still expects a better performance in the film’s international box office, according to the Los Angeles Times.

If the sequence of Salt has not been confirmed, the actress January Jones was hired by Fox to play the character Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class, a film that tells the origin of the mutant heroes and will be directed by Matthew Vaughn.

According to information from the site SuperheroHyem, the actress Morgan Lily, who made the daughter of John Cusack’s character in 2012, will be mystique in childhood. In adolescence, she will interpreted by Jennifer Lawrence.

The project of Salt 2 not started, but the debut of X-Men: First Class is scheduled for June 2011.

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – “Law & Order: Los Angeles” is getting another big-name prosecutor.

Oscar-nominated Terrence Howard is joining the cast of the new NBC drama and will rotate with co-star Alfred Molina as deputy district attorney, series creator Dick Wolf told the Television Critics Association on Friday.

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LOS ANGELES – The cats and dogs of “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore” have all kinds of super-spy gadgetry and training at their disposal: jet-packs, tricked-out collars, the works. But they come from a long and lovable tradition of live-action animal movies — ones that were simpler and sweeter, which seem to be in short supply these days, given the eye-popping sophistication of computer animation.

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