2011 opens with the remains of films that did not find any screens during the Christmas period. Already expired, “Season of the Witch” can only have a funny taste. And that movie lovers thought that Nicolas Cage was back on track in 2010 after all his turnips.

During the Crusades, Holy War in full swing. Having lost faith after so many unnecessary killings, the old man of God Behmen (Nicolas Cage) and his sidekick Felson (Ron Perlman) decide to disappear from the wild. The two companions are brought to reality by the bodies that populate their way. Forced to escort a girl (Claire Foy) suspected of witchcraft, they discover that if the good exists, evil must not be far away…

Nicolas Cage has the continuity of ideas. After almost rejuvenated his career by participating in the delusional “Kick-Ass, he played a mage considerate in” The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” Here he is on the other side of the fence, in pursuit of a wicked witch who may be responsible for many disasters. This interesting original idea (that the plague that took place during the Middle Ages is of supernatural origin) is not intended, however, not treated as historical mode, Bragi Schut Jr. screenwriter preferring the intricacies of the action.

A bitter disappointment for this story that begins in the manner of “The Crucible” and ends doubtfully as “Legion”. Not satisfied with having missed his subject n’explorant not the multiple challenges available to him, director Dominic Sena (“Gone in 60 Seconds,” “Swordfish” and “Whiteout”) undermines the entertainment factor . The feature totally indifferent, with its long and repetitive combat clashes dull, that does not just brighten uneven special effects and a beautiful photograph that serves absolutely no purpose here. In fact it is a banal series B which does not assume simply not serious when residing ridicule tends to take all the space.

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IMDB 6.6/10

The fourth volume of a popular series of feature films, “Resident Evil: Afterlife” is close finally the fantastic video game that inspired it. A step in the right direction that will appeal again as fanatics license penalty for so many years, to renew itself.

A virus has decimated humanity, turning people into undead. Although she lost her extraordinary powers, Alice (Milla Jovovich) is still motivated to find survivors who might find themselves on a boat off the coast of Los Angeles. Yet it must arrive there, when their aircraft crashed on a nearby building. No output appears on the horizon, there are only zombies in search of human flesh.

“Resident Evil” looks suspiciously like “Saw”: no matter what happens, there’s always a new suite that was created. Yet quality has never really been at the rendezvous. In 2002 Paul WAS Anderson alignment (or slaughtered) the legendary series from Capcom, which has brought happiness to many players with the Playstation and its derivatives. Excluding this transposition was finally almost nothing to do with the scripts for various episodes. But as is often the case, commercial success dictates while having the last word, which gave rise to even more pathetic “Apocalypse” (2004) and “Extinction” (2007) of any duty.

For this latest adventure, Mr. “I do not know how to adapt video games but I do not think about the consequences of my actions” Paul WAS Anderson (“Mortal Kombat”) is back behind the camera to deliver a new version of chewed “The Matrix” in the feminine, without the complexity and small philosophical lesson that accompanied it. He proposed instead of the action, but nothing that fans of the genre has never seen before. After a short introduction that summarizes the issues, his wife Milla Jovovich chases bad guys abusing waterfalls, bullets (unlimited, of course) and slowed. This explosive sequence is just an excuse to attract the attention of the audience because the story really begins later.

Once the first half hour, viewers can finally look at what is happening under his eyes. The essence of “Resident Evil” finally comes when the characters are trapped in a building: they must find a way out before it’s too late, and the threat may appear at any time. The concept recalls “Alien”, but also the television show “Virginia.” The rumor suggests that this is the last lap, then the director has brought together most of the heroes of previous efforts to make them live one last scare. One idea that has merit and should be further developed, instead of just an excuse for a rudimentary scenario.

Despite the feeling of déjà vu this movie dozens of times, anyone interested from near or far to the marvels of the company Capcom (when in “Mega Man” in the cinema?) Will be curious about this fourth . Without doubt it is better than the previous two, but is it a necessary reason to want to attend such a bloodbath, unimaginative and interpretation leaves much to be desired terribly? Especially it will spend even more than before since everything is in three dimensions and that this technology does nothing to improve the quality of production.

Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) is a fun – but too silly – comedy in which three friends over the nephew of one of them (half of which enters in this story) get together to relive the old days in a ski resort. Once there, the ski are so many memories good and bad is falling apart, decaying. Medium without having to do all four if they play in the defective whirlpool room’s balcony (the hot tub of the title) after suffering a short, becomes a time machine (a time machine of the title) . Thus, the four are catapulted into 1986, exactly the year that changed – or not changed, depending on your point of view – their lives.

The cool movie begins with the actors. We have John Cusack in the role of Adam, a successful man in monetary terms but you just take your foot in the ass girlfriend, Craig Robinson in the role of Nick, a man with one of the worst jobs in the world (see the movie to know what it is) and a girlfriend who betrays him and Rob Corddry as Lou, a drunken failure and suicide. The trio is hilarious and even John Cusack, who for me never look good on a quizzical comedy like this, shows up in shape.

The other interesting point of the movie hot tub time machine is that for us, spectators, the trio plus the nephew of Adam actors appear as normal older. However, in the eyes of all in 1986, they are young as they were at the time (his nephew, Jacob, played by Clarke Duke, does not change the appearance or our eyes or the eyes of staff, 1986).

In addition, the 80, already well represented by the John Cusack (Sixteen Candles, Better Off Dead, Eight Men Out and Say Anything, among others), with the presence of none other than Chevy Chase. I love Chase and not seen for a long time in movies. Its tip, a “handyman” mysterious hotel in the host’s friends, I remembered the tip of Bill Murray in Zombieland.

Still on the 80, the knowledge of the characters about time travel is exclusively classic films of that era such as Back to the Future and Terminator. There are several hilarious moments at the expense of these great works.

But the movie is not just joy. First, despite portraying very well the 80s, with songs and tacky clothes and features, it is set in a ski resort, which makes their connection with the 80 countries like Brazil more difficult. But that in itself is not a big problem, just a detail that made me suspicious. The main point is that the mess due to the film, basically represented by the absurdly politically incorrect attitudes Lou begins to decrease from the second half, culminating in situations moralizing completely decontextualized. It would be much cooler if the movie ended in the biggest disgrace in place of the politically perfect.

In any case, worth the trip to the cinema.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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“Shutter” Movie Review

In the plot, Benjamin Shaw (Joshua Jackson) is a photographer who ended up marrying Jane (Rachel Taylor). How to present the lovebirds, they move to Japan (!), Since there Ben would have more chances in the profession (yeah!). While were on the road, Jane has just run over a girl, whose body mysteriously disappears. Initially concerned, the two try to forget the incident with the new house and the wonderful country that is Japan, but supernatural events come to haunt their lives. Distorted images begin to appear in photos, physical appearances and noises disturb the peaceful life they wanted to take. It is trying to figure out the reason why everything that Jane investigates the life of Ben’s friends and their relationship in the past.

The story is the same, changing the college and the biology laboratory of the original. Okay that’s understandable, since it’s a remake. But understand: the American version of “The Ring” is as horrifying as normal, so to have achieved a dramatic line of terror and effective to cause reactions in public. “The Scream” for example, goes from terror scare on what makes you laugh, falling in bad taste. The recent “The Eye” remains moderate, the same way that his story is presented from the beginning. So why the particularity of “Shutter” is a terrible example to remake? Just the greatest grace of the original film to show at the end. I remember when I watched the “Spirits”, I thought the story half-baked until the outcome has justified everything I needed to enjoy the film.

When I entered the room to see “Shutter”, I was asking for the writer and director manage to insert new elements in the plot that caused this feeling of satisfaction at the end of the session. Result: the film remains faithful to the events of the original, ie not create a relationship of curiosity by the public who has watched the movie before. We already know what are the facts to unfold and how the story ends, which is fatal to a film that aims to scare with the supernatural theme. vinyl shutters. Players end up victims of ridicule, just for being the only silly not to know what is happening. Anticipating this, the script also creates scenes “revelations” as fast and as pathetic.

Even with an interesting story about the original American version is ineffective. Nowhere there is an atmosphere of suspense and scares are merely gags. Highlighting the worst scene in the movie, when the spirit dress up and show a body much like the Mystic, the X-Men, the constraint comes into play. I think it replaced the horrible scene of the original bathroom has a rough as this much. Speaking of replacements, a component of the final part, when the protagonists visit the home of the girl-problem was removed. The mother who preserved the body of her daughter as if she were alive was another bizarre element of “spirits” that caused chills, and this long American is replaced by a devaluation of life without grace.

Many laughed at the way you talk and act of the Thais in the original film, but “Shutter” can be lower. Joshua Jackson is no more credibility in the scene, always embodying the style I want to be gallant. ” During a scene in which it is haunted, grieved facial expressions he makes. Have a wonderful Rachel Taylor is in the film wrong. The amount of drama is in excess, demonstrating that in any film she could do more natural talent and would be registered. The cast is Oriental vitality of a people happy and superstitious, which is still delicious to see the scene.

Director Masayuki Ochiai is summed up much of the copy taken from the original film, not using creativity to new plans. The most that the filmmaker is able to move your camera with more dynamics at times, but not something that a horror film needs to have. Some scenes are still very confused, as Ben reveals a picture and being attacked by the spirit, beyond the time that Ben is dragged in the dark while flashes are fired at the studio. What was to strike fear gets confused and causes no reaction, but to the regret of having gone to watch the movie. Simply useless.