Rabia (2009) Review

One of the most important Latino directors of the decade, Sebastian Cordero, released in Colombia on Friday his latest film, Rabia, an adaptation made by himself from a successful novel of the Argentine Sergio Bizzio, a prolific writer, filmmaker and musician whose story entitled “Cynicism” was the basis of the annotated debut XXY, his wife, the filmmaker Lucia Puenzo.

Rabia is a psychological drama which tells of an impossible love, claustrophobic and ironically so close. Jose Maria is a Mexican immigrant seeking a better life in Spain, where he works as a laborer. For his part, Rose is a delicate and sweet Colombian working as domestic maids in a family home.

Similar experiences have had these two characters are united in a deep and sincere love despite being so different,  Ceramic Tiles. Rosa has learned to accept with resignation that is in a country that does not belong, while Jose Maria repressed all that atmosphere of xenophobia that surrounds them and turn into a being full of resentment, jealousy and dangerously compulsive disorder.

Love and hate, come together when Jose Maria vent all that it contains with the foreman who works for killing him. The choice of this character is hiding in the attic of the big house where his girlfriend. The perfect hideaway for his crime solving with immediacy, but at the passing of the hours, days, months, you become a being immersed in the anonymity that hears, sees but is not entitled to “vote.” An immigrant more submerged in a developed country who might care little or nothing.

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Where The Wwhere the wild things areild Things Are – IMDB

The monsters are perfect for adults, but not as fantastic beings may recall that the beautiful fantasy story without end, because they are furry creatures with bulging eyes but look wise, precisely because they are mere puppets, the correct direction of Spike Jonze of this strange fairy tale turns what should be a pleasant fable in a dreamlike story but totally chaotic and adults.

A boy named Max, either an outcast or a child lost and scared is the engine of this story without a story, is about 10 years, has no friends, they turn away, his mom is his all, his best friend but now has a new boyfriend, which confuses what wakes you up better than wild jealousy and feels like any self-respecting human person has ever felt, a nonentity, a voice or vote, a one who is out there.

Lost has to go, feels that nobody wants, nobody would miss him and does what an adult would not be suicide, is rather escape, not Italy as Julia Roberts or Diane Lane, goes by boat to a desert island monster looking for a leader to order them, a god who avoid the sun is extinguished, a being capable enough to control what is uncontrollable in a monster, the savagery.

The orders are given arm disorder, building forts, castles, straw, play shit, wasting time, but beware, between disturbed and disturbed internal conflicts began to see brightly marked and we realize that this is not a movie for children, has become something dangerously aggressive, has begun to tell the truth, to show that we are a desert island, we have people who cares and who they affect our actions. Then we will have spent just 15 minutes and this story ends appeared to be as simple as material developed psychiatric hospital and ends up becoming a savage monster, hard to see, chaotic, there to give her patience and called Carl to create Max is the king, that that becomes the best friend of a primitive society, without law and undeniable desire for a leader, whether a child.

This movie is very sensitive that I would see my son, especially because beyond their disorder is a life lesson, friendship, maturity and responsibility and must be seen with the eyes of a monster, one like the dolls movie, these furry creatures so close to adults, those who have to believe in anything to feel part of this world.

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IMDB 6.6/10

The fourth volume of a popular series of feature films, “Resident Evil: Afterlife” is close finally the fantastic video game that inspired it. A step in the right direction that will appeal again as fanatics license penalty for so many years, to renew itself.

A virus has decimated humanity, turning people into undead. Although she lost her extraordinary powers, Alice (Milla Jovovich) is still motivated to find survivors who might find themselves on a boat off the coast of Los Angeles. Yet it must arrive there, when their aircraft crashed on a nearby building. No output appears on the horizon, there are only zombies in search of human flesh.

“Resident Evil” looks suspiciously like “Saw”: no matter what happens, there’s always a new suite that was created. Yet quality has never really been at the rendezvous. In 2002 Paul WAS Anderson alignment (or slaughtered) the legendary series from Capcom, which has brought happiness to many players with the Playstation and its derivatives. Excluding this transposition was finally almost nothing to do with the scripts for various episodes. But as is often the case, commercial success dictates while having the last word, which gave rise to even more pathetic “Apocalypse” (2004) and “Extinction” (2007) of any duty.

For this latest adventure, Mr. “I do not know how to adapt video games but I do not think about the consequences of my actions” Paul WAS Anderson (“Mortal Kombat”) is back behind the camera to deliver a new version of chewed “The Matrix” in the feminine, without the complexity and small philosophical lesson that accompanied it. He proposed instead of the action, but nothing that fans of the genre has never seen before. After a short introduction that summarizes the issues, his wife Milla Jovovich chases bad guys abusing waterfalls, bullets (unlimited, of course) and slowed. This explosive sequence is just an excuse to attract the attention of the audience because the story really begins later.

Once the first half hour, viewers can finally look at what is happening under his eyes. The essence of “Resident Evil” finally comes when the characters are trapped in a building: they must find a way out before it’s too late, and the threat may appear at any time. The concept recalls “Alien”, but also the television show “Virginia.” The rumor suggests that this is the last lap, then the director has brought together most of the heroes of previous efforts to make them live one last scare. One idea that has merit and should be further developed, instead of just an excuse for a rudimentary scenario.

Despite the feeling of déjà vu this movie dozens of times, anyone interested from near or far to the marvels of the company Capcom (when in “Mega Man” in the cinema?) Will be curious about this fourth . Without doubt it is better than the previous two, but is it a necessary reason to want to attend such a bloodbath, unimaginative and interpretation leaves much to be desired terribly? Especially it will spend even more than before since everything is in three dimensions and that this technology does nothing to improve the quality of production.

Movie Review of This Movie Is Broken

A must for any hardcore fan of the band Broken Social Scene, “This Movie Is Broken” by Bruce McDonald compensates a story almost non-existent by some good flash poetic and an excellent soundtrack.

Bruno (Greg Calderone) wakes up next to the fantasy of his existence: the beautiful Caroline (Georgia Reilly). He has always revered, and when it is so close to him, the young woman must leave the same day for Paris. Her sigh is only a few hours to convince him to stay, and any risk to play the show of Broken Social Scene, training favorite lady. Where the hell is this happening that can go backstage to see more closely at these musicians?

In addition to offering some of the best English Canadian feature films in recent years (with “The Tracey Fragments” and “Pontypool”), filmmaker Bruce McDonald has always had a soft spot for music, spending many trials. In the acclaimed writer/director Don McKellar, he decided to build a love story that has often only an excuse to show his favorite band.

Training cult variable geometry with members scattered everywhere (Feist, Metric, Stars, etc..), It is indeed Torontonians Broken Social Scene dominating the scene. The film, which opens with the extraordinary “Almost Crimes” of the legendary album “You Forgot It in People”, will show several of their compositions in action. These are melodies that lead the ball to the delight of their fans. Especially since their pool of fans may increase by the end of the credits.

But what about the portion of film? Since the connection is treated in the mode of fiction and not documentary, there is a section that seems extremely simple romantic take less and less importance to the narrative. A man loves a woman and both love the same music. The performers, charismatic, can count on a mounting alarm, who knows how to create poetry from the body, lips and faces of his characters. A bit like the “Requiem for a Dream” or “Memento”, the Bodies are beautifully and happiness.

Unlike “9 Songs” or “Nick and Norah Infinite Playlist” that leave the music to the desire to extrapolate (with or without sex), “This Movie Is Broken” may have frustrated more than one scenario with nonexistent addresses that timidly and band fantasy. Outside this thin slice of everyday life stretched over 90 minutes is sometimes the chaos of existence, of these hormones in action and those heads that reason too, thinking instead of acting. It is also the best way to describe the rock nervous Broken Social Scene. There are so chaotic energy that words have no reason to exist, otherwise than by universal sounds to ordinary mortals. This course does not replace a real stage performance, but faute de mieux, it is still possible to have a good time. By being warned to go but first and foremost for the compositions and not the concept of cinema.

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a tourist center, known for its great beaches, seafood restaurants and great shopping and is located in the U.S. state of South Carolina, in Horry County. More than 14 million tourists visit the city annually. The area is popular for visitors coming from the State of West Virginia, where many tourists say the city is the region south of West Virginia.

Myrtle Beach was uninhabited until 1900, when a railroad was built between Conway and the region where today is located in Myrtle Beach. The railway was opened in 1899 in the town of Pine Island and was extended by 6.4 km toward the future city that would be built.

By early 1930, the city grew in order to include the current location of Ocean Forest. Canal intercostal (Intercoastal Waterway) began to be built in that decade. Myrtle Beach was incorporated as a city of sub category (town) in 1938, and incorporated into the primary category of city (city) in 1957, and on this occasion, the town was renamed “Myrtle Beach”, which is the same name of trees in the region and because the city is located close to beaches. You will enjoy myrtle beach villas, located near all the best attractions in Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach continued to grow, and ’60s, the shopping center of Myrtle Beach (Myrtle Square Mall) was built and the city has become associated with tourism. The town’s main route, U.S. 17 Bypass, was also built in this decade.